Top Air Conditioner Brands and Its Units in Singapore

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Top Air Conditioner Brands and Its Units in Singapore

Do you agree that having an air conditioner is a vital decision and an investment in living a comfortable life at home as it gives the cool and fresh air that we want? There are factors to be considered in finding the right brand and unit of air conditioner for their home to guarantee that purchasing and investing in one is worthwhile.

Specifications such as air conditioner’s reliability and performance features, energy-efficiency rating, and unit warranty are what a customer should look for when purchasing an air conditioner.

An air conditioner is an essential appliance for every home in Singapore. Here, you will be introduced to the top air conditioner brands and its unit to guide you on how and what air conditioner you should consider buying.

air conditioner brand newcool singapore

LG Wall Mounted ArtCool Plus Inverter Aircon

It offers a low price but gives incredibly high energy efficiency and reliability; it is also among the top air conditioner brands of choice in Singapore. With their range of technological features, they are definitely at par with their competitors in the market.

Their newest LG Wall Mounted ArtCool Plus Inverter Aircon is considered one of the best air conditioners in Singapore. It is an innovative, low noise air conditioner with ionizer technology, gives cool and clean indoor quality, and has various swing settings. You can enjoy cooling from this air conditioner as you can easily control it with WiFi to monitor and diagnose the air quality it gives to your room. With all the bad smell, aerial bacteria and other harmful particles, your safety is guaranteed with their Plasmaster Ionizer Plus technology as it will disinfect and diminish al of these. It can also cool every corner of your room as it has a four-way swing that controls 70 degrees of upward and downward direction.

Toshiba YouMe 2.0.

Toshiba’s innovations in its air conditioner units over the past years also make them one of the top brands in Singapore. With their Toshiba YouMe 2.0., they offer several services that an air conditioner user wants to have in their unit.

A climate-friendly choice (R32 refrigerant), quick cooling of your room, and an energy-saving unit are what they assure you when you use this. It is also a hands-free unit and even compatible with your smart devices- Google Home and Alexa.

Mitsubishi Electric Starmax Inverter Aircon

A unique AirCon with highly reliable and durable unit is what Mitsubishi has. They offer a more extended warranty on their air conditioners, such as the parts and compressors, which their customers find with excellent customer support.

This unit has a long and wide airflow that allows it to reach every corner of the room, but this is more applicable if you put it in your living room and kitchen as it is an open-concept space. It also has EasyClean technology, and that makes the unit highly efficient.

Daikin iSmile Aircon

One of the most popular brands in Singapore as it gives its customers high reliability and energy efficiency with their units. Their customers can also reach the customer service and installation team or experts whenever they have encountered a problem with the unit.

Daikin iSmile Aircon uses a PM2.5 air filter, which helps the unit remove the pollutants that results in cleaner air. It also has a WiFi system to connect to your smart devices and control the air conditioner whenever you want, as long as you have your phone.

Panasonic Deluxe Inverter XS Aircon

Their automatic cooling setting from the new models they provide to the market helps them stand out in the market in Singapore. High-quality air conditioner products and excellent customer service are what they ensure to their customers.

With the Panasonic Deluxe Inverter XS Aircon, it has nanotechnology that guarantees you that it removes 99% of harmful particles like dirt, dust, and bacteria. Their Aerowings and shower airflow ensure that the cool air it gives is faster distributed to the room corners. It also reduces your power consumption by minimizing the temperature fluctuations that it can provide.

To have your ultimate indoor experience with your air conditioner, consider buying from top brands with an excellent performance air conditioner unit. But remember to first think of your budget, space, energy consumption and cooling needs! It will be your investment in the long run. Air conditioner maintenance is also a way for your unit to function at its best and live for a decade or more. And for that contact NewCool and get service from a trusted professional Singapore air condition services with an experienced team to maintain the cool and comfort that your air conditioner gives!

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