Where is the Best Place to Install Air Conditioner in Bedroom?

The best place to install air conditioner in the bedroom is just over the bedhead or on the side of the bed so that it does not blow straight onto the bed, which can create dry lips and headaches. Many individuals are unaware that putting an air conditioner in the improper location can cause discomfort as well as poor air conditioner performance. As a result, they pay more on electricity bills than is necessary in Singapore.
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Where is the Best Place to Install Air Conditioner in Bedroom?
It is critical to find out the best place to install air conditioner in your bedroom in Singapore because it is not only hazardous to your health but also extremely inconvenient to relocate it.
  1. Avoid blowing cold air directly onto the bed.
The top or side of the bed is the best place to install air conditioner in the bedroom. Many individuals prefer their air conditioners to blow directly into their bodies, so they position them at the top of their feet. It feels fantastic for a time with the strong breeze. During your sleep, though, the air conditioner is constantly pumping chilly air into your face. It causes more problems than it solves. When the air conditioner sprays cool air directly against your body, it removes heat and moisture more quickly. As a result, when you wake up in the morning, you may feel overly cold and experience other issues such as dry skin, dry lips, and headaches. It’s possible that you’re not aware of how it’s harming your sleep quality in the long run.
  1. Make sure the air conditioner isn’t set too high.
In Singapore, a normal bedroom ceiling height ranges from 2,600mm to 3,000mm. Because the air conditioner filter needs to be cleaned every 2 to 3 months depending on the air quality, the best place to install air conditioner is at around 2,000mm to 2,300mm in height for ease of service. If you install your air conditioner too high up, it will be much more difficult to service and will take longer.
A 6-step ladder is commonly used by air conditioner service professionals in Singapore. As a result, if your air conditioner is positioned at a higher-than-normal height, it is harder for the technician to clean it efficiently.
  1. Leave Some Gap for Your Air Conditioner to Breathe
The temperature of the return air is used by the air conditioner to determine and manage the temperature of your room. As a result, if your bedroom in Singapore has a low ceiling height, the best place to install air conditioner is to leave at least a 50mm to 100mm gap between the air conditioner and the ceiling to enable ample space for good return airflow. Otherwise, the air conditioner will be overworked and will not perform as efficiently as it should.
  1. No object should be in front of the air conditioner
It is not the best place to install air conditioner if it is installed over a bedroom closet or other objects. This will result in a lack of ventilation, lowering the air conditioner’s efficiency. Some air conditioners in Singapore include a motion detection sensor that regulates energy use based on movement. The detection was hindered by the closet or other object placed directly in front of the sensor, which could jeopardize the sensor’s energy-saving function.
What Are My Other Options If I Don’t Have Space Above My Bed?
The side of the bed is also the other best place to install air conditioner if it doesn’t blow straight into your face. If you really don’t have anywhere else to put your air conditioner, try the following:
  1. Adjust the Diffusers
If you don’t have any best place to install air conditioner, you can adjust the air conditioner’s diffuser to direct the airflow away from your bed. It can only deflect a portion of the airflow. The chilly air will still be present, but it will be less intense.
  1. Consider getting an Inverter Air Conditioner
By controlling the speed of its compressor, inverter air conditioners in Singapore can reduce cooling power. When your room achieves the desired temperature, the cooling power of an inverter air conditioner is reduced to maintain the desired temperature. When compared to a non-inverter air conditioner, your room temperature will be more stable. Even if your room is small, an inverter air conditioner in Singapore can often ramp down to as low as 4,000 BTU, so it won’t be too cold. Using an inverter air conditioner in your bedroom, on the other hand, simply fixes the problem of being too cold. You can still have dry skin and chapped lips. Thus, regardless of whether the air conditioner is inverter or non-inverter, the best place to install air conditioner is away from the bed.
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