Different Air Conditioner Modes and How to Utilize Them Effectively in Singapore

Utilize Air Conditioner Modes
Wish to enjoy cooled and refreshing air while you are relaxing but have no idea about the buttons on the remote that show different air conditioner modes? Different air conditioner modes will serve your different needs. Therefore, selecting the proper air conditioner mode that meets your needs is critical in determining your air conditioning experiences in Singapore. Keep reading to know more about the functions of the different air conditioner modes and how to utilize them effectively in Singapore.
1. Cool Mode
A cool mode or default mode in the air conditioner modes is the most common mode used in the air conditioner. Cool mode functions to cool down the room quickly by producing cold air at high speed. In this mode, the air conditioner compressor cools the outdoor hot air and pushes the cold air into the room. The compressor will work non-stop by continuously circulating the cool air throughout the room until a set temperature is reached. The process is aided by the air conditioner fan, which spins faster to circulate the cold air in the room to ensure the cooling effect is quickly achieved. The cool mode in the air conditioner modes effectively reduces the room’s humidity level since the temperature is cooler now. The energy consumption in cool mode varied according to the difference between the current and desired temperature set; the more significant the difference, the more energy is used.
When can cool mode be used?
  •  The temperature and humidity are high
  •  Want to keep the temperature cold
2. Dry mode
The dry mode, as one of the air conditioner modes works by removing the moisture in the air to make the room more comfortable. The moisture is taken and dried by the evaporators, then sent back into the room as dry air. The dry mode is useful when you do not want the room to become colder but wish to remove the stickiness due to the high humidity in the air in Singapore. The dry mode on the air conditioner modes effectively ensures health. This is because it helps to breathe more easily and helps to fight against allergy triggers such as mould and dust mites that thrive in an excess humidity environment. Therefore, it is said that the dry mode removes the excessive humidity and avoids allergic reactions effectively. In addition, this mode is high efficiency and cost-saving as the temperature need not lower, and the air conditioner compressor runs slower and reduces energy consumption in Singapore.
When can dry mode be used?
  • When the temperature is not too hot but with high humidity
  • When you are not looking for a colder temperature
3. Fan Mode
In the fan mode of the air conditioner modes, the fan in the air conditioner unit circulates the air already in the room. Fan mode does not produce a cooling effect; instead, it is for circulating the air. Therefore, the temperature and humidity in the room do not change. It is most suitable for application when the desired room temperature is reached and you feel wanted to circulate the air in the room. In fan mode, the fan will be the one that functions continuously while the compressor is turned off instead. Due to that, your electricity bills in Singapore will be significantly reduced as the compressor is the most significant energy consumption part of the air conditioner, and it is off in this mode. A fan mode is also a wise option to be chosen early in the morning in Singapore, as the temperature is much cooler, and cool air can be circulated in the room without the compressor working.
When can fan mode be used?
  • When the temperature is neither hot nor cold, and circulated air is needed
4. Turbo Mode
Turbo in the air conditioner modes is adequate for an immediate cooling effect in the room. It circulates the air at high speed, allowing the space to reach the desired temperature within the shortest period in Singapore. However, the power consumption for the turbo mode would be significantly extensive since the fan speed and compressor of the air conditioner will work at the maximum and lowest temperatures to deliver cool air as quickly as possible. In addition, the turbo mode will lead the air conditioner to wear and tear, and the air conditioner will produce more noise. Therefore, your air conditioner needs to engage in regular maintenance in Singapore.
When can turbo mode be used?
  • When a quick cooling effect in the room is needed
Use your air conditioning effectively by fully utilizing the different air conditioner modes. Regular air conditioner servicing and maintenance must be considered to ensure your air conditioner functions efficiently. It serves the best air conditioning experience and saves costs too!

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