Is Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance Important in Singapore?

Isn’t it super satisfying to spend your day relaxing in an air-conditioned room while the blazing sun outside is none of your business? It is absolutely an excellent idea, particularly for Singapore, which is located in the tropical zone. With that, air conditioning has become an important part of the daily life of Singaporeans. Now the biggest question is, how to ensure the air conditioner operates efficiently? Air conditioner service and maintenance are the solutions!
Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance
The Importance of Servicing and Maintaining Air Conditioners
Proper air conditioner service and maintenance ensures that the air conditioner can be used for longer terms. Even though the sum of the money spent on air conditioner service and maintenance would be costly, it is far lower than when there is a need for major repair in Singapore. Taking good care of the air conditioner will bring you many benefits – keep reading to find out how!
1. Detect Errors
Regular air conditioner service and maintenance can detect minor errors currently affecting the systems. Leaving such errors without being fixed may lead to worsening the problems and spending a high cost in the future. An immediate tackle of the issues can resolve the errors and enable the air conditioner to operate the best it can.
2. Performs Efficiently
Regular air conditioner service and maintenance ensures that the air conditioner always performs efficiently and has no troublesome issues. The air conditioner will be less likely to experience problems such as not being cold, affecting your air conditioning experience in Singapore with a warm climate. If an air conditioner is not in service, it will lose efficiency year by year. Therefore, air conditioner servicing can maintain or even improve efficiency and ensure the best performance it can bring.
3. Fewer Costs
With regular air conditioner servicing, the efficiency loss can be recovered and preserved, and it would take up less power compared to a less efficient air conditioner. It could save costs, such as lower electricity bills, and reduce the costs of repairs in the future as the chance of breaking down is significantly reduced.
What Does An Air Conditioner Servicing and Maintenance Service Include
1. Clean or replace the aircon filter
2. Check on the refrigerant level
3. Check on the motor and compressor
4. Check and clean the evaporator coil and condenser coil
5. Check on the supply lines and connections
How Often Should You Engage an Aircon Servicing & Maintenance Service?
Even if you do not feel that your air conditioner has any issues, it is still advised that you get it serviced so that the condition of the air conditioner can be inspected and checked. Generally, it would be good enough to have an annual air conditioner service and maintenance. However, if the air conditioner is used frequently, it is advisable to get it serviced every three or six months, especially in Singapore, which is always in hot weather. The frequency of air conditioner service and maintenance would also depend on the environmental conditions of the surrounding areas in Singapore. A dusty environment will force your air conditioner units to work harder to keep indoors cool, necessitating more maintenance. If you are highly sensitive to dust, a regular check on the air conditioner’s filter and the blower is required so that contaminants are not trapped, causing allergic reactions. Regular air conditioner service and maintenance ensures it operates at its maximum efficiency, and enjoys the best experience in Singapore.
How Does Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance Benefit Your Health?
1. Improve Indoor Air Quality
An air conditioner servicing would check the aircon filter. Aircon filters that function to trap contaminants may be clogged up also. It no longer operates efficiently when it is clogged up or has reached its maximum capacity. Afterwards, the dirt and dust will get a chance to enter indoors, which lowers the air quality.
2. Reduce Allergic Reactions
Dust and contaminants such as mould can be cleaned up promptly by checking the filter and blower of the air conditioner in Singapore. No severe impacts will be caused when the amount is just small. Allergic reactions such as sneezing and runny noses are just minor symptoms. Even worse, mould can cause breathing difficulties. In addition, bugs and insects can get in through small cracks and openings in the air conditioner and cause infestations. It will have a significant impact on health because their bites may cause skin irritation. By removing these contaminants, health can be guaranteed in Singapore.
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