Mould In Air Conditioner And Your Solutions In Singapore

An air conditioner helps Singaporeans live comfortably, by keeping the warm and blazing weather away from them. But, while you are happily enjoying the convenience of air conditioning in Singapore, do you know that mould is growing inside? The presence of mould can adversely impact your daily life in Singapore and cause a series of negativity. Want to know more? Then read on.
What is Aircon Mould?
Have you ever spotted many tiny spots on your air conditioner? Unfortunately, those are aircon mould! Mould form in a moist and humid environment, and your aircon is one of the best places for it to be. Aircon mould grows extremely fast when the humidity levels are high, which will lead to an infestation in your air conditioner in Singapore.
Common Signs of Mould in Your Air Conditioner
If you don’t pay attention to the condition of your air conditioner, air conditioning mold can creep in and affect you. You are gradually being affected since you are breathing the air released by your air conditioner, which has been mixed up with the aircon mould. Therefore, every time you turn on your air conditioner, you are exposing yourself to certain risks, such as health problems. The question is, how can you know if you have air conditioning mold?

1. Foul smell

Aircon mould is usually associated with an unpleasant smell, and it is hard to stand the odour when the air conditioner is running. If you notice a strange odor in your room and have eliminated any suspicious smelly sources, then you may turn your attention to your air conditioner. There might be aircon mould built up inside!

2. Visible spot

Once aircon mould is established, you can see visible patches on your air conditioner’s interior. Worse still, you might see mould spreading to your walls and ceiling or home furnishing as well. The most common colour of aircon mould is black or green-black patches. You may notice the spreading of the aircon mould if the furniture around the aircon starts to change from its original colour. This means that a layer of aircon mould has formed on your furniture without your notice. Once it is formed on your furniture, it is hard to remove them; the best next step to do is to contact aircon experts in Singapore immediately to prevent aircon mould from further damaging your aircon.
Aircon Mould

3. Sickness

Aircon mould puts you at health risks, which can threaten your family members who have weak immunity and are highly sensitive to allergies. Prolonged exposure to aircon mould can lead to inflammation in the airways and lungs. In addition, it can affect the respiratory system; as a result, you might often get breathing difficulty or asthma. Furthermore, if you or your family members start having allergic reactions, such as frequent coughing and sneezing or itchy skin and rashes, air conditioning mold may be the main trigger. To stop that, it is highly recommended to engage chemical overhaul service immediately to get the aircon thoroughly cleaned, followed by regular aircon cleaning by aircon professionals in Singapore.
Solutions for Growing Mould in Aircon

1. Clean or Change Aircon Filter Frequently

An aircon filter works to trap contaminants when they are passing through it. It needs to be changed when it is found dirty or built up with dust. When the air filter is not changed frequently, it starts to fail to operate as efficiently as it used to be. The air is no longer filtered out properly, and this gives chances for dust and contaminants such as mould to get into the air conditioner unit. Hence, poor-quality air will flow and circulate indoors, affecting your health.

2. Consult Aircon Experts for Aircon Cleaning

Wiping or cleaning the surface level of aircon mould is far insufficient; it is advisable to consult aircon experts for aircon cleaning in Singapore. Aircon experts will advise what cleaning services you should engage, and NewCool, an aircon servicing and maintenance provider in Singapore, can help you solve the issue effectively. The chemical overhaul from NewCool is highly recommended since it dismantles the aircon parts and cleans your air conditioner thoroughly using chemical solution. Meanwhile, the NewCool team will check your air conditioner for any abnormalities and fix them on the spot. Get two benefits at once!
Build up of aircon mould needs to be stopped immediately to prohibit its infestation in the future. Therefore, regular aircon cleaning or aircon servicing are needed so that those aircon moulds can be removed in time. Aircon cleaning can be challenging since you might not have the expertise and tools to do that, but you can obtain services from aircon experts in Singapore easily. NewCool, a professional aircon team with years of experience, is always here for you!
Contact NewCool, a trusted air conditioning expert in Singapore with an experienced team to keep your air conditioner at its best state. We can maintain the cool and comfort that your air conditioner gives!

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