When To Know To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Have you ever felt like your air conditioner is no longer functioning efficiently compared to to when it was new? Air conditioner issues such as air blown not cool enough, water leaking from the air conditioner and the soaring of electricity bills might have troubled you. You might have been fed up with it, and a question concerning you- whether to repair or replace the air conditioner in Singapore. Is it too early for a replacement? Which choice would be better economically in the long run? If this depicts a dilemma for you about which to choose, keep reading to select the right step!
Repair or Replace The Air Conditioner
Signs that You Need to Repair or Replace the Air Conditioner in Singapore
  1. The aircon is not cold
  2. The increase in electricity bills
  3. Loud noise from the aircon unit
  4. Obvious dirt built up outside the aircon unit
  5. Water leaks around the aircon units
Repair or Replace the Air Conditioner

1. How Old is Your Air Conditioner

Determining the lifespan of your aircon in Singapore is the first guide to considering whether to repair or replace the air conditioner. An air conditioner has a limited lifespan; it will reach the end of its life one day. Generally, the aircon unit must be replaced within 15 to 25 years, while for the air conditioner that has undergone aircon servicing, its lifespan would only be around ten years. Therefore, if you have an older unit, it would be an excellent choice for you to replace it now in Singapore. Otherwise, you will suffer from long term expensive repair costs in the future to keep your air conditioner running in Singapore. On the other hand, if you have a newer unit that is left with many years of lifespan, you will be better off if you choose to have it replaced now.

2. What is the Source of Aircon Issues

To decide whether to repair or replace the air conditioner, you may need to know your air conditioner’s conditions in Singapore. You need to troubleshoot and figure out what is affecting your air conditioning unit. If you are dealing with a minor air conditioning problem that is easy to fix, going for repair is your best option in Singapore. It will only cost you a small amount of money. If you are dealing with more significant and major issues, you may need to consider if the repairs would cost a lot. Remember to compare the cost of repair and replacement so that you can make an informed decision on which one to choose and the clear reasons behind it.

3. Does the Current System of Your Air Conditioner Fulfills Your Needs

Knowing how satisfied you are with your current system can guide you on whether to repair or replace the air conditioner in Singapore. If you are satisfied with your system before some aircon problem arises, then it is likely that you will continue to be happy with the unit after the repairs are done. However, if some aircon issues are occurring in your system, you may find that it is better to install a more suitable system. Take time to determine why the current system is no longer fulfilling your needs, which will help you choose a better air conditioning system to replace your current one.
Both repair and replace the air conditioner are to fulfill your intention to enjoy a better air conditioning experience in Singapore. There must be a confusing moment as to whether you should opt for repair or replace the air conditioner when there are issues occurring inside your air conditioner system. If you are unsure what steps to be taken, you may consult aircon experts in Singapore such as NewCool!
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