5 Common Air Conditioner Problems in Singapore and Ways to Prepare

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There is no doubt that an air conditioner will give you and your home comfort with the cool air that it releases. Purchasing an AirCon is a way to ease Singapore’s weather, considering that it has a tropical climate with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. Air conditioners continuously operate, especially during the day, because of the hot weather as is the time when it is needed the most. Everyone wants to escape this hot weather with a cozy room with cool air.

But since a few months before the summer season starts, while sitting on your sofa, scrolling on your social media accounts, and eating your snack, do you wonder what the common problems your air conditioners might encounter during those times? How will you prepare for this kind of situation?

Here are 5 Common Air Conditioner Problems in Singapore and Ways to Prepare

1. Dirty Air Conditioner Filters

Did you know that the more your air conditioners operate, the more often you need to clean or even change your air filter? The air Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System passes through the air filter as it serves as a gatekeeper. The top priority of the air filter is to entrap fine dust particles, pet fur, and a variety of allergies that may trigger you. No one wants to circulate these kinds of dirt in your home and hence you need to check them time to time and simply clean it yourself or call for help from professional Singapore air condition services.

An air conditioner is working in overdrive, especially when the summer season is already coming as the hot temperature is too much to endure. Once you notice lowered airflow and uneven cooling in your air conditioner, you must check your filter first as debris of particles might be clogged on it, which will cause your cooling system to overwork. It is often the problem of every household and the reason for frequently wear-and-tear air conditioner systems, which may worsen and cause a system breakdown. You might need normal servicing here in Singapore for this problem if you are still doubtful about what to do.

2. Insufficient Cooling

With summer’s hot temperature, who wouldn’t want a well-functioned air conditioner system that produces more cool air? And instead of cool air, the AirCon blows hot air around your home which can get very frustrating. After that, inspect the coils on the outside unit to ensure they aren’t dirty. Make sure there are no blocked air vents or sagging ducts.

Start with simple checking; of your air filters and coils. After that, inspect the coils on the outside unit to ensure they aren’t unclean. Make sure there are no blocked air vents or open ductwork. If your air conditioner still produces hot air, maybe it already has a problem with its compressor. For some reason, compressors fail because of inadequate lubricant, blocked suction lines, and electrical issues. This is the time when you need to call professional Singapore air condition experts.

3. Clogged Air Conditioner Drain Line

Condensation from evaporator coils, a combination of different dust particles that will eventually turn into mud, is one contributor to an air conditioner being clogged. This mud washes to the air conditioner drain line, which clogs it up too.

To identify if your air conditioner has a clogged drain line, some signs are; the air conditioner has a musty smell, is not cooling your home, and it shuts down or doesn’t turn on. Always check your drain line as ignoring this would lead your air conditioner to have mechanical problems and worse, failure. Suppose you are still unsure what seems to be the problem, in that case, you may contact a professional Singapore air condition services that can perform a chemical wash service for your air conditioner problem.

4. Noise from Air Conditioner

Noise from the AirCon can also be an added disturbance during the summer when people are already troubled by the high temperature. But you’re not sure what seems to be the problem? Clicking sounds are normal for an air conditioner, mainly when you turn it on and off.

If continuous noise is produced from your air conditioner, like banging, screeching, humming, buzzing, rattling, clicking, hissing, and bubbling noises or sounds, then ignoring it is not wise! Common causes of these noises and sounds are a problem with the compressor, malfunctioning fan motors in the outdoor condenser unit, defective contractor relay switch, loose or unbalanced fan blades, air duct leak, and excess moisture. Some may be fixed just by dismantling and repairing the found problem, but most should be checked and fixed by a trusted professional Singapore air condition services.

5. Refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is one of the essential factors in the efficient cooling of the air conditioner system. By absorbing the heat and humidity, it cools a household. For an air conditioner, it will not function well if there is any leak.

These are two ways to fix the refrigerant leak in your air conditioner; find the hole/s that causes a refrigerant leak and replace the air conditioner coil. Finding holes might be time-consuming and costly because it requires careful investigation of the coil’s whole length for a tiny hole. Suppose that your trusted professional discovers multiple leaks; they may propose that the entire coil should be replaced. A refrigerant leak is a significant problem that needs your trusted AirCon technicians to check rather than attempting to resolve it independently.

Now that you have gained more knowledge about your air conditioner, you’re almost ready to enjoy your summer break! But first, get regular maintenance done on your air conditioner on time, and for that, NewCool‘s professional team would be glad to assist you! You may visit our website to know more about us and the services that we are offering. Contact or book an appointment with us now!

Common Mistakes that an Air Conditioner User Should Avoid

Decision-making is a vital one to make when it comes to purchasing an air conditioner. If not chosen correctly, you will encounter issues you cannot control from the beginning. But you can avoid it by taking the proper steps and ignoring issues that your air conditioner shows which may increase your bill, decrease your unit’s efficiency, and require frequent repairs, which will cost you tons of money.

We will discuss the common mistakes that an air conditioner user should avoid.

Purchasing inaccurate air conditioner for a particular place

When buying an air conditioner, you should also consider the size of the space or place where you will put the said unit. There are different sizes of air conditioner, and it also has its functions. The type of air conditioner you buy will also depend on what your cooling needs are, where you will put it, energy consumption etc. So better to analyse them before making the heavy purchase!

Not considering having a programmable thermostat

In a country with hot weather like Singapore, coming home with a hot room as the air conditioner is not on, will frustrate you. Unless you are willing to wait for your unit to cool the room as fast as possible, you may opt not to have a programmable thermostat. However, having a smart thermostat will make your life easier as you can set your air conditioner as many times as you want. It doesn’t only let you save your money, but also it can learn your home rhythms as it can adjust to them. Read more about smart thermostats in https://newcool.sg/what-is-a-smart-thermostat-what-are-the-benefits/.

Neglecting to have an air conditioner maintenance

Yes, there are DIY works that you can do by yourself with your air conditioner, but most of the critical issues that your unit will show need to be checked and fixed by a professional. Maintenance of the air conditioner guarantees you to use it for a longer period. It is best to seek help from your trusted professional Singapore air condition services and remember to schedule servicing, chemical wash and chemical overhaul timely over the year. Through that, you will not just save your safe and money; you will let your air conditioner function at its best by living for more years.

Decide not to close doors and windows

As the sun directly hits your home, heat will enter through your doors, especially in your windows. It would be best to use blinds or draw drapes to control the heat in your home or room, particularly during the hottest hours of the day. With that, you helped your air conditioner work more efficiently and you took away some of its burden in cooling your space quickly.

Not installing ceiling fans

Some think that since they already have an air conditioner, there’s no need to install ceiling fans. No one talks about how it assists the air conditioner. It simply enhances the cool air of the unit by distributing and circulating enough cool air to every corner of your home. It also reduces the pressure on your air conditioner, to provide cool air, thus increasing its longevity!

Some may say that these are just small things to avoid, but everyone must know the enormous impact on you, your home, and your money. Preventing and avoiding these mistakes will give you the comfort you expect from your air conditioner. To live a hassle life with your unit, contact NewCool and get service from a trusted professional Singapore air condition services to avoid mistakes and solve your unit’s problems.


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