How does regular Air-Con servicing save money?

Regular AirCon servicing can save you a lot of money because it keeps the AirCon working efficiently and thus saves the most expensive thing required for an aircon to work, energy! Air conditioners are one of the few appliances in any home or commercial establishment that single-handedly consume the most amount of energy, especially in hot and humid, tropical regions such as Singapore. Air conditioners can consume higher than optimal amounts of energy when certain parts are no longer working properly or due to build-up of dirt inside the machine which causes increased performance pressure on the machine and therefore higher consumption of electricity. Thus, simply by servicing your air conditioners regularly, you can easily save money on energy. However, this is only one of the advantages of servicing AirCons frequently, we will discuss some of the other monetary advantages in this article.
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Increase life span of your AirCon

Regular or frequent servicing of your Air-Con is likely to increase its life span. Regular servicing ensures your AC runs smoothly and efficiently for a longer duration of time so that you don’t have to invest in a newer model any time soon. As we already know a new AirCon can be a costly expenditure, prolonging your current AirCon’s life may be advantageous to you by delaying this expense for many years.

A penny today is better than a dime tomorrow

Many people who own air conditioners tend to overlook the need for regular servicing and maintenance. In fact, most owners only turn to an expert for help once the machine completely breaks down. Regularly maintaining your AirCon through an expert ensures that there are no serious issues and if an issue does arise it can be taken care of before it damages any other parts and adds to the repair and maintenance cost. Once the AirCon completely breaks down it may cost a lot more than you may be willing to pay to fix it as compared to what it would have if you serviced it regularly.

Respiratory diseases and infections

Regular maintenance means that the filters are clean, there are no broken parts or damaged seals inside the unit. This guarantees fresh air, which is an important factor in maintaining good health. However, when regular servicing is not undertaken the air conditioner may release dusty air, harmful bacteria, or even chemicals that would then be inhaled through your respiratory tract and may cause respiratory diseases and infections which would then require costly visits to the hospital. Shocking isn’t it? This is why scheduled cleaning and servicing is so important.

Property Damage

Air conditioners tends to accumulate dust and dirt when left as it was when bought. Over time these accumulations would cause blockages within the parts and even damage to the unit. This may result in several problems including water leakage. The leakage will not only damage your machine but also your property. Property damages are likely to be expensive to repair and therefore it is advisable to prevent such a problem from occurring by regularly servicing the air conditioner.
These are some of the many reasons why regular servicing of your AirCon will actually save you a good amount of money and lots of worry! The only way an individual can enjoy saving some money with AirCon servicing is by choosing an expert service firm to help provide regular checkup and servicing of aircon. Experts will ensure your aircon works accurately and in a smooth way possible. Do not hesitate. Don’t wait to be charged highly for repairing your aircon, have an expert to help you save some money. NewCool in Singapore is one such experienced company for your go to AirCon maintenance and servicing! Call us now to book an appointment.

Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Service in Office Important in Singapore?

Due to the climate change and urban heat island effect, the weather and temperatures in Singapore have become hotter. Singapore’s annual mean temperature has been rising at an average rate of 0.25 degrees Celsius per decade, over the past seven decades from 1948 to 2021. The upcoming years are predicted to be warmer due to the warming trend. Hence, an air conditioner has become an essential thing in most households and offices to make our environment cool. Meanwhile, most of the time in Singapore, air conditioning in your office might be seen as a liability. You may be wondering whether your office’s air conditioning system is up to par so that you can lower down your cost in case your air conditioner breaks down. Here are five reasons to describe the importance of air conditioner maintenance service in offices in Singapore.

1. Productivity in your work

Much recent research shows that working in a hot environment like Singapore has a negative impact on productivity. Employees might become hot-tempered when it comes to working in an extremely hot office. Employees also prefer to avoid work when they are seated, which has an impact on productivity. Hence, by having the professional Singapore air conditioner maintenance service in the office, it helps you to resolve your problems and improves productivity in your work.

2. Improve employees’ health quality

Air conditioner maintenance service in the office helps to improve employees’ health and well-being, and it should be the business owner’s top priority. If the employees are in good health, they will be committed to their work, with fewer sick days and fewer medical expenses. Hence, air conditioner maintenance service in the office helps to lower the temperature, making it less conducive to germ growth, making your staff feel better and assisting them in staying healthy. With this, it helps to boost the company’s productivity and employees’ satisfaction.

3. Provide a good impression to your customers

Not only should you prioritize your employees, but customers should also be one of the top priorities to be pleased too! When you do your air conditioner maintenance service in office regularly, customers will feel more welcomed and happier with the cooling environment. Customers often want to visit your office before making an order with you, therefore this boosts your chances of growing your business in Singapore. Create a good impression on your customers by doing the air conditioner maintenance service in office regularly with NewCool!

4. Efficient work with concentration

Air conditioner maintenance service in an office in Singapore helps your staff to work smarter and be energized in their work. It is stated that people who operate in a pleasant environment with enough air conditioning make fewer mistakes. Also, a cold office can help your employees concentrate better and work more efficiently. If your office is warm in Singapore, achieving these results is difficult.

5. Less cost for your electricity bill

Performing regular air conditioner maintenance service in the office is one of the simple ways to save money on your electricity bill in Singapore. Many individuals may be astonished to learn the importance of doing regular air conditioner maintenance service until the it breaks down and it’s too late for a repair. For example, a clogged or dirty filter will prevent air from flowing into the air conditioner, causing it to work inefficiently. As a result, the air conditioner uses more energy, which is reflected in your monthly electricity bill. Do regular air conditioner maintenance service in the office to repair and maintain your air conditioner to avoid this typical blunder. There are a few ways to keep track of when your air conditioner maintenance service in office should be carried out. Simply make a note in your calendar. Your air conditioner should be maintained and examined at least once every three months, according to experts.

For the best results, contact NewCool for air conditioner maintenance service in the office from trusted professional Singapore air condition services with an experienced team now!

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