Tips on Using Air Conditioners Efficiently in Singapore

Isn’t it comfortable to stay cool indoors? You may enjoy your air conditioner to the highest satisfaction with the same amount of electricity and the same costs. Why don’t you maximize your usage to the fullest while no extra costs are needed? Let’s discover more about how to use the air conditioner efficiently in Singapore.
Use The Air Conditioner Efficiently
1. Lower the Blinds or Curtain during Day
The indoor temperature in Singapore is also affected by the amount of sunlight that reaches it. Lowering the blinds or curtains is one way to use the air conditioner efficiently. It can keep the sunlight away, ensuring the indoor temperature is low or remains cold effectively. Not much sunlight can penetrate through that increased room temperature in Singapore, which ensures the cooling effect of the air conditioner remains. In addition, the light-coloured backing of blinds or curtains could better use the air conditioner efficiently, as it helps deflect the sun’s heat. Heat absorption can be significantly reduced, and this keeps the room cold more efficiently. Besides, tinted windows are also an excellent choice for blocking some of the heat from entering the air-conditioned room, ensuring that the air conditioner unit will not be working so hard to produce cold air. These help the air conditioner function more efficiently in Singapore.
2. Turn on Interior Fan
To use the air conditioner efficiently, it can be used together with the interior fan to keep the room cool in Singapore. It is more efficient than only turning on the air conditioner, as the fan help to circulate the air, therefore the cooled air can be spread more evenly and faster. That is what an air conditioner cannot do, as its function is to create cold air. The combinations can create a cooling effect much more quickly and efficiently. Using the air conditioner efficiently makes sure the room can always be cool and refreshing without significantly increasing electricity use in Singapore.
3. Keep Air Conditioner Unit Out of Direct Sunlight
Running an air conditioner unit under the hot sun all day in Singapore would increase its workload, making it warm as it runs longer to keep the room cold. It is inefficient. If the unit gets too hot, it needs to work harder, which would cause it to break down. That is why it is advisable to place the air conditioner unit under the shade, it helps to use the air conditioner efficiently. This is due to condenser coils can dissipate more heat when the air around them is cooler. Therefore, the unit will produces cold air more efficiently when it is kept in cold surroundings. The unit can be placed under shade, such as trees or an awning. This is effective at reducing electricity bills in Singapore too!
4. Thermostat Placement
A thermostat functions in a way that reads the temperature of your room and tells the air conditioners when to turn on and off based on the preferred setting. Therefore, the thermostat’s placement plays a vital role in deciding the air conditioner’s efficiency in Singapore. To use the air conditioner efficiently, it needs to ensure the thermostat is not placed near heat-emitting devices such as lamps or televisions, as it will sense the heat from these appliances. This will cause the air conditioner unit to run longer than necessary as it assumes and reads the heat emitted as the room temperature. Therefore, it will signal to lower the air conditioner setting. This will make the room too cold, and the system will consume more energy, increasing the electricity bills in Singapore.
The best to use the air conditioner efficiently to place the thermostat in the centre of the room or house since a central area could represent the room temperature. This allows the thermostat to read the correct temperature and operate efficiently. Besides, it is also recommended to place the thermostat at a reasonable height, 52 to 60 inches (132cm to 152cm) is good enough. Placing it too high would get a high-temperature reading; placing it too low would get a low-temperature reading. It leads to inaccurate reading.
These practices help to use the air conditioner efficiently in Singapore. Great efficiency of the air conditioner would perform better and reduce expenses, and it can be preserved through air conditioner servicing and maintenance. Getting the right person to provide the services is the key. It is recommended to get an aircon expert in Singapore, NewCool to help you. NewCool is a trusted professional Singapore air condition services provider with an experienced team. Contact NewCool Now!

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