What is the best time to have your Air Conditioner cleaned?

Living in a country like Singapore with a hot and humid climate, it’s essential to regularly maintain your air conditioner to avoid moisture build-up, dust, and dirt clogging. For your air conditioner to perform to its full potential, regular cleaning of your air conditioner should always be considered. Not only does it save your money in the long run by lowering your electric bills but also saves you from the trouble of building future AirCon problems. But when is the best time to have your air conditioner cleaned?

Here is what you need to know for the best time for air conditioner cleaning.

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Cleaning air filters: Every four weeks

Every household experiences dusty surroundings, and the dust and dirt will inevitably accumulate on the air conditioning filters. When dust gets in filters for an extended period, moisture builds up, creating the ideal breeding habitat for germs and mold. As a result, your air conditioner may emit an unpleasant odor or cause an allergic reaction. Remove the filter, wash the clogged filter, dry it, and reinstall it. If the air conditioner is continually used, is subjected to dusty circumstances, or has fur-bearing dogs in the house, filters may require more frequent care.

Normal servicing: Every six months

For a household with fur babies or frequent use of their kitchen, air conditioner cleaning is recommended once every three months. You know the struggle when every fur is located at your household, flying freely through the cool wind of the air conditioner or the greasy feeling after cooking a meal. Pet fur and grease can quickly become caught inside the air conditioner system. Over time, it will emit an unpleasant smell and may cause harm to the air conditioner equipment. You may choose to do a normal AirCon servicing that will look for potential problems, cleaning and repair of parts as necessary.

Chemical wash: Every six to twelve months

Chemical wash is needed every six to twelve months to sufficiently maintain your air conditioner equipment. It also depends on your air conditioner’s usage frequency. By employing professional Singapore air condition services, you can avoid a significant repair or even a replacement by availing their services that match the need of your air conditioner. Chemical wash will normally consist of deep cleaning your AirCon parts with chemical solutions to remove all dirt, bacteria, fungus etc and prevent further build up.

Air conditioners are a lifesaver, from a tiring day, hot weather and to a comfortable sleep that anyone would ask to have. Having a well-maintained air conditioner can also help you prepare to cool your home during the hot weather we get at this time.

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Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Chemical Overhaul

Continuous usage of air conditioners accumulates harmful particles, dirt, dust, and bacteria, especially air conditioners in Singapore, as it is necessary for every household due to the hot weather. Of all the air conditioner cleaning services you can get in your trusted professional Singapore air condition services, chemical overhauling is the most thorough cleaning you will need.

This short read will explain why you need chemical overhauling for your air conditioner.

A chemical overhaul is a cleaning service where it reconditions and cleans your air conditioner thoroughly by your trusted professional Singapore air condition services. In short, it clears all the dirt, dust, bacteria, oil, and accumulated particles in your air conditioner. As these particles get inside your air conditioner, they will affect the airflow and temperature in your room as time passes.

Cleaning all the coils, filters, water trays, and even the drainage pipes and blower wheels will also be cleaned by your trusted technician. Checking all the parts for your air conditioner will also be guaranteed by them, and if they have found one, it will also be fixed. It aims to clean the machine parts of your air conditioner, especially if it was not cleaned and maintained for a long period. Your air conditioner’s performance and functionality will be increased through this.

With chemical overhauling, it will ensure that the lifespan of your air conditioner will be extended for years without worrying that there will be a need to replace expensive parts. How amazing it is that cleaning and fixing your air conditioner comes into this one-of-a-kind cleaning service! Benefits in availing chemical overhaul are also ensured as your air conditioner will better operate. You can save your energy and electricity bills, reduce your repairing costs, get a healthy environment through clean air, and worry less about breakdown issues that you can face in the long run.

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