Why does my Air Conditioner Produce Noise and How To Fix It?

From its biggest part up to the smallest part, the whole air conditioner works together to do its functionality to provide cooling and comfortability to you and your home. If one part loses its function or becomes an issue, it is always possible to put the others to stress and eventually lose its function. With all the problems that an air conditioner has, one of the most frustrating to deal with is the noise it produces!

There are different noise problems that an air conditioner makes, which also causes different issues in the system. Suppose that your air conditioner is creating noises; it is essential to locate and fix the problem with your trusted professional Singapore air condition services as soon as possible before it leads to the permanent loss of your air conditioner.

We will discuss some of the common noises that an air conditioner produces and how to fix those.

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Common air conditioner noises:

Banging Noise

There is probably a problem with your air conditioner compressor for this noise, stuck dirt in your condenser or some loose screws.

Buzzing Noise

Likely malfunctioned compressor, loose parts like wires, capacitor breakdown, faulty motor, contactor failure, or some air conditioner parts are freezing, which produces this noise.

Clanking Noise

A loose part inside the system that caused the compressor to become loose or out of balance fan blades that hit areas inside the system might cause this noise.

Clicking Noise

This noise might be produced by issues such as a malfunctioning thermostat, loose fan, faulty electric signals, or losing capacitor charge.

Humming Noise

Bent fin coils, contactor failure, low lubrication levels force this noise in your air conditioner.

Screeching Noise

An issue with high pressure in the compressor unit, defective fan motor bearings, or a broken belt presumably causes this noise in your air conditioner.

Ways to fix it:

Check for any damage. By turning off your air conditioner, loosening the screws from the outside, checking what is currently happening on the inside, and locating the issue that might cause the noise is one way to detect and prevent severe damage to your air conditioner.

Contact AirCon experts. If your air conditioner continues to produce noise, aside from locating what seems to be the cause, it is way better to contact professionals you trust in maintaining the performance of your air conditioner to do its best. No one can defeat the knowledge and skills of professionals in air conditioner service when it comes to these issues. Let them do the heavy work!

These noise issues may even be dangerous. You might think that it can be easily solved in just a snap, but you will be surprised if it has already harmed you in any form. Disregarding the noises that your air conditioner produces may result in a costly repair in the future and locating the problem in the system is the best way to avoid this. The sooner you find where and what the problem is, it will lengthen the life of your air conditioner.

If you already notice that your air conditioner produces any of these noises, immediately call your trusted professional Singapore air condition services. NewCool is a reliable aircon servicing company located in Singapore, providing various excellent aircon servicing at an affordable price. We are composed of professionals who can help you with any air conditioner problem!

How Air Conditioner Works?

Understanding the air conditioner working process is an essential thing for every household in Singapore. The air conditioner working process is that it removes heat from a room and transports heat to the outdoors to cool it down. The cool air can then be circulated into the room and surroundings in Singapore through ventilation with the air conditioner. If your air conditioner is not working, you can contact NewCool to understand more about the air conditioner working process and repair services in Singapore.

Air conditioner working process is like heat pumps; however, they use a cooling cycle. A material known as a refrigerant is treated in the following processes to cool down:

1. In the evaporator, a cold liquid refrigerant takes heat from the hotter room, chilling it down.
2. After that, the refrigerant transforms into a gas and is compressed to raise its temperature.
3. Then, the refrigerant goes through the condenser coils, which transfer heat from the refrigerant to the surroundings in Singapore.
4. The refrigerant expands to lower its pressure and cools to a temperature below that of the room, repeating the cycle.

Because there is an exterior element (the condenser) and an indoor unit, air conditioners are referred to as “split systems” (the evaporator). The air conditioner working process mainly focuses on these two technologies to cool as well as dehumidify indoor space. Warm air from the interior goes over the cool evaporator, where it condenses and loses moisture, like how warm air condenses and loses moisture on a cold glass of lemonade.

The air conditioner working process of each separate component

The refrigerant circuit has three key main components: evaporator, compressor, and condenser for the air conditioner working process. If your air conditioner is not working properly, there might be problems related to the refrigerant circuit. To further troubleshoot and understand the problems that occur in your air conditioner working process, contact NewCool and get help from professional Singapore air condition services!

1. The air conditioner evaporator

Warm air is pulled in from your home and fed via an expansion valve, which controls the flow. The hot air is then forced over the cold evaporator coil, which absorbs the heat. As the heat is absorbed by the refrigerant inside the coils, it transforms back into a gas and flows towards the compressor.

2. The air conditioner compressor

For the condensing process, the compressor in an air conditioner working process functions as a pump, reducing the volume of the gas while increasing its pressure and temperature.

3. The air conditioner condenser

The air conditioning condenser pumps the heat gathered by the refrigerant, now in vapour form, outdoors, where the outside air absorbs the heat and changes the state of the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid.

The reason why your air conditioner is not working

Understanding your air conditioner working process helps you to identify problems easier, be it if a problem occurs with the refrigerant: evaporator, compressor, or condenser. Our team of experts in Singapore can assist you in inspecting your air conditioner for any spots where gas may have begun to escape. After that, we’ll assist you in repairing leaks and charging up your refrigerant storage, guaranteeing an efficient air conditioner working process to keep your house and business at the correct temperature on hot days in Singapore.

With that, contact NewCool if you require any further assistance with the air conditioner working process when you face air conditioning problems in Singapore. Get immediate response from trusted professional Singapore air condition services! The team are always here to solve your problems and provide services for your air conditioner in Singapore!

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