3 Common Signs That It is Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Indeed, an air conditioner gives a comfortable feel to your household. It provides a cozy feeling like none other. But this kind of comfort cannot last forever, especially if your system has already reached a certain age where it needed countless repairs by technicians.

Below are the three common signs for you to consider replacing your air conditioner.

10-15 years old Air Conditioner

10 to 15 years of usage is the average time span an air conditioner lasts. Tap your back if your system is older than that, as you’ve got a fantastic return on your money. However, with newer models of air conditioners focused on saving energy while saving your money, you might consider an upgrade as it could save you more money in the long term. Consider your older system’s failure as an opportunity to upgrade to a more current design or model of an air conditioner.

Air Conditioner does not give cool air

One of the most prevalent issues with older air conditioners is that they do not cool or instead start heating up the room. It may continue to provide regular air levels, but the air is not as cold as it should be. If your air conditioner completely stops producing cool air, it’s your time to check. Low refrigerant levels could be one of the causes. When configured for cooling, however, warm air production can indicate a significant problem, such as a malfunctioning compressor.

This kind of inconsistent failure is already a warning. Your air conditioner is expected to maintain a steady temperature at the temperature you’ve selected. When a time comes that you notice your air conditioner produces inconsistent cool air, you may check for airflow obstacles in the filters, valves, condensation drains, and coils. If it still persists, then its time to change your AirCon.

air conditioner

Multiple Repairs

You might notice that you have already called your trusted professional Singapore air condition services numerous times. Admit it or not, but it may be time to retire it – replacing your air conditioner may be the more cost-effective and efficient solution to this problem. If your system requires a complex repair for multiple times after the warranty has expired, it’s time to start looking for a new one rather than putting money into an old one with a short lifespan.

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