5 Ways to Save Air Conditioning Electricity Bill in Singapore!

Does summer break mean packing your bags for that beach vacation or staying cool indoors in the scorching Singapore heat, for you? However, your AirCon is never at a break, especially in Singapore, which is experiencing 365-days of summer! And that comes with heavy electricity bills. Are you worried about the huge bills you might get on summer breaks where you decide to stay at home and relax? Does that worry not allow you to enjoy your AirCon’s cool air peacefully? We do not want you to ruin your summer break by worrying about it and hence here are 5 easy hacks to cut down your AirCon costs in Singapore.
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  1. Install ceiling fans
A lot of you may already have ceilings fans installed but we forget to utilise them well as we become too dependent on AirCon to provide us with cool air. In reality, using the fan along with the AirCon allows the cool air to circulate around the room more efficiently hence cooling it down by 5-7 degrees! This will allow you to turn up the thermostat too by about 4 degrees. You can also give rest to your AirCon by turning it off sometimes and allowing the fan to circulate cool air.
  1. Close the blinds
In a room that is directly facing Sunlight or drawing in lots of heat in the house, closing the curtains or blinds can be helpful to keep it cooler. Especially during the day or peak sunlight hours, this can be very helpful. Having light coloured curtains or blinds deflects heat and when they are closed throughout the house during peak hours, it can reduce heat gain by even up to 45 %. This decreases the load on your AirCon and you do not have to blast the AirCon or turn down the temperature as much for efficient cooling.
  1. Cleaning AirCon vents
This is the part of the AirCon which blows out air. Heavy usage can cause these vents to become filthy, making it more difficult for the AirCon to cool. And that comes with increased power usage and bills! Hence, regularly cleaning the vents by water can reduce a lot of your worries. Opting for a scheduled chemical cleaning by experts also saves you from that tension for quite a long time.
  1. Increase AirCon’s temperature
It is a misconception that you need the AirCon’s temperature to be as low as 16 degrees in order for it to cool efficiently. You can actually set it to a slightly higher temperature and save a lot. Even raising it by a degree could help you save upto 10% of your electricity bill!
  1. Installing smart thermostat
Alternatively, you can install a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is a digital, wi-fi-connected thermostat that allows you to regulate the heating and cooling in your house. It connects to your HVAC system and is controlled via your phone. This smart feature can reduce energy and hence cost by automatically turning off at night or when you’re away and turn on as you return home. It tells you about the weather, tracks movement to start cooling before you return home and even track energy usage for you to check and regulate. This is a good investment for long run savings on your AirCon during such hot and humid weather in Singapore!
Having tried all of that, do not forget that your AirCon also needs to be well maintained, checked for internal issues and cleaned deeply in order for it to keep working hard through the hot weather. Book for chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul with NewCool to be better prepared for your summer break! Don’t forget to look out for the special promotions and discounts too!

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