Chemical Cleaning vs Chemical Overhaul vs Aircon Servicing

How do you ensure your Air conditioner stays efficient? How to ensure your AirCon runs smoothly without breaking down and costing you loads? If you’re wondering the above, we’ve got you covered in this short read!

chemical overhaul aircon

First of all, there are common practises that you can make a habit of. For example, reducing the temperature in your home or office manually, adjusting thermostat according to the temperature outside, cleaning air filters by yourself etc. Having said that, regular AirCon servicing over periods of time is also highly recommended. After all, you do not want to spend your hard earned money on buying a new AirCon every time due to lack of regular AirCon servicing!

Two typical types of maintenaince are called 化学清洗 and 空调化学大修.


This is different from regular aircon servicing. In this case, they take apart the key components such as fan coils, water trays, air filters and clean them using a chemical solution. This will remove the dirt from the inner parts of your AirCon to ensure efficient cooling. Toxic gunk is difficult to remove and can corrode and harm internal components of your air conditioner, reducing its efficacy and performance. Since chemical solutions are used here, this will also ensure bacteria and mould are removed from the parts and prevent them from growing back!

You would know that you are in need of chemical cleaning when simple cleaning cannot reach the inner parts of the AirCon and the room is still not cooling or getting the pure quality airflow that you expect even after a simple cleaning. Technicians will normally suggest doing this type of AirCon servicing once every six months.


A chemical overhaul is more comprehensive than a simple chemical wash and regular aircon servicing. In chemical overhaul, the AirCon is not just cleaned by chemical, but also checked for any abnormality and fixed! This is a two in one service! Coils, filters, and water trays are cleaned, as are drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels. Then it is checked for any required fix.

You will need a chemical overhaul when the vents become clogged as a result of dust particles or toxic gunk accumulating, drain pipes become clogged causing water overflow, evaporator coils have been severely damaged, if there are non-functional fan bearings or if you hear strange noises coming from the AC. A chemical overhaul will assure that your air conditioner’s longevity will increase without the need to replace costly parts.

If you’re still unsure about how to solve the AirCon problems that do not let you relax well in your space, you should contact our experts for advice on which AirCon servicing is better for your needs!

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DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning vs. Professional Air Conditioner Servicing

Air conditioners are subjected to wear and tear as the years pass. How you use and care is also causing your unit to perform at its best or malfunction due to some issues. And when the time comes that you need to clean it or fix a problem in your air conditioner, you decide whether you do it yourself (DIY) or contact your trusted professional Singapore air condition services.

In this blog, you will know when you can DIY clean and fix your air conditioner and when is the time that you will need to call professional servicing companies.

DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning and Fixing

In DIY cleaning, it is convenient as there are parts in your air conditioner that you can check to see if there are issues that you can fix yourself. Some of these are the circuit breakers if your unit receives enough electrical power, unobstructed vents in your household, air filters that may become full of dirt, dust, bacteria, and other particles, and clogged condenser coils. If your air conditioner has these issues, it just needs basic cleaning and maintenance.

Aside from cleaning, you can also do some minor repairs yourself, such as fixing the electrical part, starting your unit’s programmable thermostats, and fixing by putting the unit’s components into their right places. Yes, it’s a cheaper option to maintain your air conditioner’s performance and life span, but professionals in air condition servicing have knowledge and skills that you don’t have. When you notice that you cannot clean or fix your air conditioner’s issue, it is time for you need to contact a professional Singapore air condition services and do the work for you.

Professional Air Conditioner Servicing

If you already did the basic cleaning and fixing, but the issue doesn’t get solved, it is time for the professionals to do the work. There’s no better way than asking and seeking help from them as they are skillful in this service, for you also to be safe and your air conditioner does not worsen.

They know what to look into if an issue in your air conditioner occurs and quickly fix it. If serious issue/s appear in your air conditioner like refrigerant leaks, drainage problems, electrical failure, noisy unit, etc. that will compromise your safety, turn off the unit and immediately contact your trusted professional Singapore air condition services. In that way, you will prevent severe damage to the parts and components of your air conditioner.

Everything cannot be solved by ‘do-it-yourself’; take advantage of the air condition services because they will thoroughly clean, check, and test if your air conditioner is already in good operation. In Singapore, you can avail NewCool, a trusted professional Singapore air condition service composed of experts in this field. Always remember to check and make the right decision for your air conditioner that you spent so much of your hard-earned money on!

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