How to troubleshoot 5 common AirCon problems?

We are heavily reliant on our air conditioners (aircon or AC) to keep cool and comfortable in a hot, humid country like Singapore. That means a heavy load on the air conditioner, which is automatically followed by common AirCon issues.
However, it can be annoying when your AirCon acts up just when you need a peaceful day at home, isn’t it? Hence, it is essential to gather some common knowledge of AirCon problems and how to troubleshoot them at home!

Aircon Troubleshoot #1: AirCon is not switching on.

To begin with, make sure the air conditioner is connected in and turned on at the outlet. At the same time, you might want to look for any fused plug. Once that is checked and if it is still not on, see if the remote control’s batteries are still functional. Replace the batteries and try again, or try borrowing a remote from another room.
If there are no visible issues and you’ve tried the above, there could be a short circuit or faulty wiring and you may want to call a technician for check!

Aircon Troubleshoot #2: Water dripping from AirCon.

An air conditioner draws humid, warm air from within and blows it over frozen pipes. It gives out some moisture that must be drained away from your room. Otherwise, it will drip inside your unit and into your room. Hence, you can switch off and unplug the AirCon and should lookout for a condensate drain pan by unscrewing the access panel. The condensate drain pan should be at a saturation point under the evaporating coils. Soak up the water and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. You should clean the clogged drainage pipe and dust off the dirty filters too.
If it is too difficult to clean by yourself, you may need a deep chemical cleaning by experts!
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Aircon Troubleshoot #3: Weird noises coming from the AirCon

A loose vent or directing fins that sway the cool air from left to right can be causing a vibrating noise. This can be adjusted manually or by using the remote. If you hear a crackling sound, it could be the sound of ice forming around the coil within your air conditioner. This can normally mean a lack of airflow caused by dust buildup, a clogged drain system, or a lack of refrigerant gas. However, if it sounds like a whistling or squeaking noise, there may be dust build-up or misalignment of the unit. For gas top up and fixing the alignment of AirCon, you will need technicians to help. Otherwise, cleaning the drainage system by yourself would be a smart solution too!
Aircon Troubleshoot #4: Bad smell from the AirCon
Getting weird smells and bad odours from the AirCon is also a common complaint from most people. When mildew and mould growth within your air conditioner, this is what happens. In such case, consistent cleaning by yourself plus scheduling a regular chemical cleaning at least once every 6 months is recommended.
Aircon Troubleshoot #5: Weak airflow
If you notice cool and warm airflow and not as efficient airflow, it can be due to HVAC airflow where the fan is not pushing enough air Simplest reason could be due to a filthy air filter or a faulty thermostat. Some other causes may be leaking ducts, blocked vents and low AirCon gas. If you’re facing such an issue, you may first try dusting the air filters and recalibrating the thermostat and see if it works. Then, check if a piece of furniture may be obstructing the airflow and move it. Otherwise, you may also need an AirCon gas top-up.
Now that you know how to relate each AirCon problem to its cause, you can try to get out of your toolbox and get working! And if you’re in need of experts advice and a quick maintenance check, repair and troubleshooting, NewCool is just a call away!

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