Water Leakage from AirCon and How to Fix It?

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Don’t you just love a good nap in a cool room after coming back from work? But your AirCon is constantly having issues? When your AirCon is working really hard to keep up with the cooling needs of your house, it is common to be followed by issues. This could also be due to change of weather conditions or lack of maintenance. Of some of the common AirCon problems that most Singaporeans complain about are inefficient cooling, water leakage and weird noise from the AirCon. Most people are not sure about the root cause of it or how to troubleshoot the AirCon issues. So, we will try to unload some of your worries about water leaking from the AirCon.
Some reasons why your AirCon might be leaking and how to fix them, are as follows:

Blocked AirCon filter

Air filters trap the dirt, dust and particles so that the cool air flowing indoors can be clean. Overtime when the air filter becomes clogged, it restricts the flow of air through the air conditioning system. This causes the air to freeze to ice. Next when you turn on the air conditioner or it reaches the desired air temperature, that ice on the filter begins to melt, resulting in an air conditioning leakage problem. Simple fix to this issue could be cleaning the air filter regularly or whenever you feel your AirCon is being used a lot.

Damaged condensate pump

The condensation pump is a device that is installed beneath the cooling coil to drain the water completely so that leaks do not occur. Water dripping indicates that the pump is broken or malfunctioning due to the collection of dust and filth. If the pump is cleaned and the problems still remains, you may want to check for power supply cut off to the pump. In a worst case scenario, you might need a repair or change of the pump handled by AirCon servicing teams.

Blocked drainage pipe

Buildup of dirt, mold, dust in the drainage pipe means that it will get clogged at some point, from regular usage. This will mean that water is not being drained out as efficiently as before but instead starts moving inwards. Water will try to find a way out of the AirCon and hence ends up leaking indoors. This is also a rather simpler problem that can be solved by cleaning the drainage pipe. If it is beyond your reach, this could be solved a scheduled chemical wash that deep cleans your AirCon unit allowing it to function well for long.

Low on AirCon gas

Refrigerant coolants or commonly known as AirCon gas assists in cooling and blowing out warm air to reach the desired temperature for your comfort. If there isn’t enough AirCon gas, the air conditioner won’t blow cold air, and the air won’t condense on the evaporator coil, causing your air conditioner to leak water. Some complain as hearing a bubbling or hissing sound in such a case, indicating that the air conditioning coolant is leaking and hence is in low levels. In this case, you will need technicians for a gas top up. Enjoy cheap gas top-up as low as $40 when you engage Newcool for chemical overhaul service in Singapore – check out the latest promo here

Improper installation of AirCon

The air conditioning unit could be a major source of water leakage if it is not fitted properly. Most technicians confirmed that clients did not know where to place the AirCon for most efficient functioning. It is recommended that the front component of the air conditioner is than the back part when it is being fitted. The water will be adequately drained and will not leak as a result of this. To avoid leakage, you also need to make sure your air conditioner is fitted with the right inclination. The unit’s improper inclination may result in water not draining effectively.

Insufficient maintenance

You should ensure the unit is clean and check if the evaporator coil is not rusting. Poor maintenance means that your AirCon is more prone to water leakage. Delaying regular servicing only causes the problems to be left undetermined and hence unsolved. This eventually worsens the problem over time causing even heavier bills! Hence you might want to hire experts for a chemical overhaul service, that involves dismantling each part of the aircon system to carefully inspect, clean, repair or replace depending on the condition of the parts.
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