Why Does the AirCon Smell Bad And How to Fix It

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Why Does the AirCon Smell Bad and How to Fix It?

Just picture this: You come home after a long, hot, and exhausting day, all you want is to be in the comfort of your air-conditioned apartment with the fresh cold air. You take off your shoes, loosen your tie and turn your AC on but instead of the fresh and relaxing cold air you hoped to be greeted with an unpleasant odour.
In this article, we’ll investigate some of the common reasons why you may have a stench erupting from your air conditioner and how to fix it. We will discuss what type of smell indicates which issues and how to deal with them.

Car Exhaust Like Smell:

Air Conditioners make use of some fluids which when heated may give off a car exhaust fume-like smell. When your AirCon starts to give out such a smell it means that there is a leak in your refrigerant line. A refrigerant such as freon (chloro-fluoro-carbon) is a cooling agent inside your air conditioning unit. A leak may decrease the efficiency of your unit and release chemicals into the air which are hazardous to the environment. A freon leak would smell just like your car’s coolant but with a sweetish odor. When this happens it is advisable to open your windows to reduce chances of any harmful effects on your health due to the leak and contact a certified repair and maintenance agent to fix the leakage.

Burning Smell:

There are a lot of electrical components in your air conditioning unit, such as: circuit boards, fans, switches, fuses, compressors, etc. If you smell that something is burning or melting plastic, it usually means that one of these components is overheating or on fire. In such a situation, do not try to DIY as it could be dangerous. Turn your AirCon unit off and turn off the power supply then contact an expert for a full evaluation and repairs.
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Rotten Eggs:

A foul or rotten air conditioner smell may be resulting from a dead rodent or critters stuck in the AC. Over time these dead animals can cause a foul smell which is dispersed through your house when you turn on the air conditioning. Dying or stuck animals may also cause damage to the different components inside the unit. It’s best to always pest-proof your unit to avoid such a nasty scenario and having your AirCon smell like a carcass. You can always call a technician to help remove the dead animal, or you can fix this issue yourself!

Mouldy or Musty Smell:

A stale and dingy smell is by far the most common and foul smell experienced from AirCons. If your AC smells musty, this is most likely due to the accumulation of water in the drain pan or drip lines, which can act as a breeding ground for fungus or mildew. In case of a leakage, you may notice signs such as water dripping down your wall. Another reason for such a smell can be dirty filters. If you live in a hot and humid climate and turn your AirCon on after a long period of time, moisture can accumulate in your filters. Regular cleaning prevents such an issue. You can also contact a professional and get your AC’s lines and ducts thoroughly cleaned by chemical wash and fix any leaks if required.

Stale Cigarette Smell:

If you smoke at home, then there are chances that your AirCon filters will eventually absorb enough odour from the smoke to end up smelling like stale cigarettes. This unpleasant smell can cause allergic reactions and headaches. This problem can be rectified easily by changing your air filter once every 30 to 60 days and cleaning your AC regularly. You may also want to refrain from smoking indoors.
All the factors mentioned above are likely to create an unpleasant experience. However, the next time you come home to an unpleasant odour from your aircon, now you know what the issue is and how to best rectify it. If you’re still unable to find the root of the cause, you can call technicians for a quick check. NewCool is one such trusted AirCon servicing company in Singapore that excels in aircon servicing, aircon cleaning, aircon maintenance, aircon repair and installation. Call us now to put your AirCon related worries to rest. 

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