5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling and How to Fix It

A well-functioning Air Conditioner is crucial, especially in the hot and humid Singapore weather where temperatures rise to as high as 34.8 Celsius in September 2021. Heavy usage of your AirCon during these times also mean rise of AirCon problems, among which inefficient cooling is a very common complain among users. After all, everyone desires a peaceful night’s sleep in a cool room after a long exhausting day, isn’t it? Here we will look at 5 typical reasons why your Air Conditioner might not be cooling and how you may get to the root of the cause in order to fix it!

Why Aircon is Not Cooling #1:

Low AirCon gas A refrigerant is a liquid or gaseous chemical that absorbs heat and quickly cools the air conditioning device and its other components. This is also known as the AirCon gas. R22 or freon coolants are commonly used in air conditioning units while R410-A is used in the recent models. All these coolants are chlorofluorocarbons that must be dealt of with extreme caution. It’s most likely that your air conditioner’s gas is low or even might be leaking if it’s not chilling your room as well as it used to before. In such case you will have to call experts for an AirCon gas top up.

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Why Aircon is Not Cooling #2: Blocked air filter

Particulates and contaminants such as dirt, dust, mould, or even animal’s fur are caught by the air filter of your AirCon. These filters are frequently installed on the air conditioning system’s return air. The mesh, which is the major name of the filter that air goes through, becomes dense as it captures these things in order to circulate clean and cool air. This function of the AirCon system is hindered as the filters become clogged over time, from more and more use and this could one of the reasons for the low cooling of the AirCon. 

Such a problem can be easily solved by removing the unit cover and cleaning the filter by yourself regularly after a period of time. On the other hand, a routine AirCon servicing by experts also helps solve such issues. 

Why Aircon is Not Cooling #3: Dusty condenser coils

This part of your AirCon is transfers heat from one medium to another. It removes the heat from the outdoors and lets it in through the vents, onto the indoors. If the condenser coils are outside, it is common to become filthy from use and needs a simple cleaning. That’ll save you the cost of changing into new coils.

Why Aircon is Not Cooling #4: Faulty thermostat

Air Conditioner’s thermostat detects the temperature of the indoors and turns the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system on and off accordingly. Its purpose is to operate the system so that when you want a certain temperature inside your home, the system distributes an appropriate amount of warm or cold air to meet your needs. The solution to this could be a simple fix of battery in the thermostat and for that, you can always contact easily accessible air conditioning servicers to come to fix it for you.

Why Aircon is Not Cooling #5: Damaged/Faulty Compressor

The component in the system that elevates the temperature and pressure of the vapour refrigerant that leaves the evaporator coil is an air conditioner compressor. This also increases the temperature and heat are transferred from higher temperature (in compressor and condenser) to lower temperature (in evaporator coil). You may determine that the compressor is faulty when the Air Con starts giving out warm air into the room. How to Help Your Aircon Stay Cool? Regular maintenance helps in this case! Cleaning and dusting on a regular basis, as well as preventative actions such as recognising early symptoms of performance concerns, will save you from changing the compressor unit of your AC. In a situation where the compressor already demands repairs/change, our technicians are just a call away!

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