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AC chemical overhaul is one of the top aircon cleaning services in Singapore as it always cleans the air conditioner thoroughly and effectively, keeping your home and office cool.
An aircon deep cleaning service such as an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore is a good way to keep an aircon running at optimum efficiency or to restore an aircon to its original condition. Our professional aircon chemical overhaul cleaning technician will dismantle your aircon unit, providing the most effective ac chemical cleaning method for removing stubborn dirt from your aircon at an affordable rate.
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Before aircon chemical overhaul & After aircon chemical overhaul
In Singapore, NewCool always strives to provide high-quality aircon chemical overhaul to deep-clean your aircon. Our ac chemical overhaul is performed by our experienced technicians who have been trained to deliver outstanding ac chemical overhaul service in Singapore. When we are conducting ac chemical overhaul deep cleaning, we will adhere to the best standards and safety guidelines.

Why do I need to deep-clean my aircon?

  • Clean, Cool & Fresh Air
The dirt that has accumulated in your aircon will be released into the air and your lungs. Deep-cleaning your aircon regularly can help you and your family avoid health problems.
  • Save Your Electricity Bill
Poor aircon performance has a significant impact on energy efficiency. Having an ac chemical overhaul to deep-clean your aircon might help you save money on your monthly energy expenses.
  • Longer Lifespan of Aircon
A buildup of dirt will result in several aircon issues such as aircon not cooling enough and compressor overheating. Booking an ac chemical overhaul regularly can reduce aircon breakdown and let you get more value out of your aircon.

Do You Know?

A Dirty Aircon will Lead to Bad Health.

If you don’t engage an aircon chemical overhaul to deep-clean your aircon every three months, your aircon will serve as a breeding ground for germs, fungi, and dust mites which could be the source of health problems.

 Your aircon will start to blow tiny virus-laden droplets into the air instead of cold air.
Harmful bacteria in your aircon will cause the following diseases
  1. Skin Problems
  2. Allergic Reaction
  3. Respiratory tract problems
Say NO and stay away from harmful allergens! Choose NewCool’s professional ac chemical overhaul today to protect you and your loved one.

FAQ About Our Outstanding AirCon Chemical Overhaul

1. What is Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

In Singapore, aircon servicing is often engaged to maintain the aircon performance, but most people do not realise the importance of ac chemical overhaul! Unlike normal aircon servicing, ac chemical overhaul is a more thorough cleaning process. During the ac chemical overhaul deep cleaning process, your aircon is not just cleaned by the chemicals. The ac chemical cleaning staff will also check for any abnormalities then fix them. The goal of having an ac chemical overhaul is to clean the dirt or microorganisms in the aircon.
When dirt and bacteria are accumulated inside the air conditioner, it can cause it to break down. A thorough ac chemical overhaul or chemical cleaning is carried out in stages, including dismantling all the components in the aircon, washing them with chemicals and flush with waterjet.
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  • 60 days warranty
  • Cheap gas top up ($40-80)
  • Free compressor checking
  • $0 transport fee and GST-free
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2. What is the difference between AirCon Chemical Wash and AirCon Chemical Overhaul?

An ac chemical wash will ensure that the basic main components, such as coils, air filters, and water trays, are thoroughly cleaned, preventing mold formation in the parts, which may be harmful to your health and well-being.
An ac chemical overhaul will go even farther than usual aircon servicing, ensuring that your pipes are clean by a chemical solution, allowing for free airflow and the best performance of your air conditioner. Your aircon will also be checked for any required fix during ac chemical overhaul service.
You may want to avoid your hard-earned money going down the drain after only a few years. Therefore, booking an ac chemical overhaul cleaning service for your aircon is essential. An ac chemical wash will result in a mould-free device with excellent air quality while an ac chemical overhaul service will ensure that all the worn parts are replaced in a timely manner, as well as a blast of fresh air. As a result, you can lower your energy bill and extend the life of your aircon in Singapore.

3. Is Ac Chemical Overhaul Deep Cleaning necessary?

How you clean your air conditioner is one of the most overlooked aspects of many people in Singapore. Chemical overhaul cleaning of air conditioners is required every three months to maintain them functioning at their best, especially if you are experiencing problems with cold or leaking water from your aircon.
Regular aircon cleaning and servicing without chemicals may not be able to clean every corner that can get clogged by dirt particles over time as they are too small for normal vacuum cleaners. Therefore, you have to keep the vents clean and clear through professional ac chemical cleaning in Singapore like ac chemical overhaul.

4. How do I know that my aircon requires an ac Chemical Overhaul?

If your aircon is not cold enough and you are feeling warmer than usual, dust particles or toxic gunk may have clogged in the internal components of your aircon like the coils and compressor. The evaporator coils have been severely damaged, the fan bearings are non-functional, or you can also hear strange noises coming from your aircon. At this time, you might need to book an ac chemical overhaul service.
Besides, if your aircon is leaking water, it’s best to have them fixed with an ac chemical overhaul. Having an ac chemical overhaul service for your aircon can replenish your aircon and save you money on your electricity bill in Singapore.

5. Why should you deep-clean and service your aircon regularly?

In order to ensure your aircon stays in good condition, you have to book an ac chemical overhaul on a regular basis in Singapore. Its filters, fins, and coils must be cleaned regularly if you want to get the most out of your money as well as enjoy a cold breeze. A well-functioning air conditioner means lower energy expenditures and a longer life span.

Originally, your aircon units will be given normal aircon servicing in Singapore. However, this means that the inner components of the aircon are never taken care of, and this gives rise to new cleaning methods such as ac chemical wash and ac chemical overhaul.

In Singapore, many aircon servicing companies will recommend an ac chemical overhaul when regular aircon servicing is not sufficient due to the age and condition of an air conditioner.

Chemical overhaul of the aircon is performed in order to restore its best function. It also ensures that the air conditioner is thoroughly cleaned to minimise issues like water leaks, which can lead to air conditioner repairs in the future.

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