Aircon Repair and Trouble Shooting

Regular maintenance is imperative for aircon efficiency but troubleshooting the common problems can help you save from a lot of hassles. Our team is here to assist you in troubleshooting and assessing your air conditioner to find out the different problems you may face before we provide you with recommended repair options and start any repair.

Just Three Steps To Find Out The Problems That You May Face!

  1. Tell Us Your Enquiries via Whatsapp or Phone
  2. Schedule An Appointment With Us
  3. Enjoy Satisfactory Work Done By Our Professional Team

Now We Can Recommend You Some Suitable Repair Options And Start The Repair!

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Address: 1 Coleman Street #10-06 Singapore 179803

Operating Hours: 24 hrs, Mon – Sun

For bookings or any queries, 

Tel: +65 8129 9666

Whatsapp:  +65 8129 9666


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