What is a Smart Thermostat? What are the Benefits?

With the push of a button, technology allows us to create the living environment we desire. From any room in the house now we can dim our smart lights for a cosy atmosphere and voice-activate our favourite song. These smart home additions improve our lives in a variety of ways and one such device is the smart thermostat, now widely available in Singapore.
A smart thermostat is a digital, wi-fi-connected thermostat that allows you to regulate the heating and cooling in your house. It connects to your HVAC system, allowing communication with the thermostat control. This normally comes with an app downloaded to your smartphone or computer, where you can adjust the temperature in your home even track your energy usage. Some systems let you to customise and automate temperature settings based on your schedule and the weather. Others use smart learning models. In fact, they can ‘learn’ what temperature setting you want and start to alter the temperature as you are nearing to your home. Sounds cool, isn’t it?
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What are the benefits?

The comfort of adjusting the temperature of your AirCon is one of the many benefits that a smart thermostat can provide. Most smart thermostats will allow you to track your energy usage, hence you could track your energy usage and how it may have increased or decreased over time. This means you will now know when you have to cut down your energy use in the house. You can reduce energy usage by scheduling the HVAC to run less when you’re not home and for the house to start cooling in right before you’re about to be home. It can save up to 10-15 % energy, whereas some manufacturers focus on more energy saving by having smarter functions and capabilities. Hence, you walk into a home to the perfect desired temperature. Plus, reduced energy usage also means reduced costs and not bills that are not too heavy on your wallets!
Smart thermostats, unlike traditional programmable thermostats without wifi access, are simple to set up and programme, featuring modern touch screens and a simple, user-friendly structure. This way. This ease of use means that you do not have to spend so much time trying to adjust your thermostat for when you are not home or away for a long time. Moreover, having the app means you have remote access and control. If you’re working late in the office or forgot to adjust the HVAC system after leaving home, you can still have the control right in your hands! It also allows you to quickly change the temperature whenever, from the comfort of your bed without having to move and this convenience is what draws most Singaporeans towards smarter homes!
Lastly, it is also easy to install. Examine the wiring by removing the present thermostat cover. You need a thermostat C wire. You should be able to install a smart thermostat according to the manufacturer’s instructions if you find a wire marked with a C or the word common and additional wires labelled with R, W, Rc, or Rh.
Now that you know about this amazing piece of technology, do you think a smart thermostat in your house would simplify your life? Worried about how to maintain or service it after some time? Fear not, NewCool has experienced technicians for that too! Simply call us to schedule an appointment and we will get the work done while you relax in your house.

Benefits of Using Smart Air Conditioners in Singapore

A smart air conditioner allows users to control the temperature of their home anywhere in Singapore from their smartphone. The operations of the smart air conditioners can be operated using an app that consumers can download to their phones or tablet. Smart air conditioners can also be linked to smart home systems or voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. What makes a smart air conditioning system smart is its capacity to connect to the internet and consequently other devices anywhere in Singapore.

5 Benefits and Features of Smart Air Conditioners

1. Convenience and Comfort in One

Control the temperature of your room from anywhere in Singapore! Smart air conditioners may be controlled using a smartphone and voice commands, which adds to the convenience because smart equipment is designed to make life easier while still offering maximum comfort during extreme weather in Singapore.

Smart air conditioners can monitor a room’s temperature settings, interpret the information that users supply about their preferences, and maintain the ideal temperature conditions throughout the day with several automatic modes. As a result, users of smart air conditioners no longer need to constantly alter temperature settings if they are too hot or too cold due to unclear temperature settings.

2. Significant Energy Savings

Your smart air conditioners will slow down as soon as the needed temperature is reached once you’ve established your ideal cooling settings. This means that your device does not need to consume a lot of energy to operate at full capacity all the time.

Smart air conditioners can also be set up to work around your daily or weekly routine. This means you can get your ideal temperature settings exactly when you need them, and your air conditioners will turn off when they aren’t needed!

Smart air conditioners in Singapore also provide information about energy consumption. This will allow you to keep track of how much energy you use and even set limitations to keep track of your bills.

3. Increased Efficiency

Smart air conditioners can improve performance and efficiency by delivering the ideal temperature settings at the precise moment they are needed. If your smart air conditioner detects that you are on your way home from work or any other event in Singapore and that it will take you about 20 minutes, you can set it to a low, energy-efficient setting minutes before you arrive. Unlike traditional air conditioners, which take at least 20-30 minutes to reach full capacity, smart air conditioners give you the optimal temperature setting and effective performance all day!

4. Preventive Maintenance and Error Diagnosis

With a smart air conditioner app in Singapore, you can keep track of your usage and anticipate when cleaning is required. Your air conditioner filters may become dirtier as you use them more. You also won’t have to look for your tune-ups or set reminders. You’ll get notifications and reminders when it’s time to help keep your air conditioner running smoothly! Nobody wants to waste money or unscrew their air conditioners unnecessarily for a DIY.

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint

To slow the effects of climate change, Singapore has participated in the green movement to reduce carbon footprint. Hence, smart air conditioners help to save significantly more energy than conventional air conditioners. For every degree above 72F on your smart thermostat settings, you can save 120 pounds of CO2. Furthermore, smart air conditioners can be designed to only run when necessary and at the lowest fan and cooling speeds feasible.

Make Any Air Conditioner Smart, or Your Smart Air Conditioners Even Smarter!

Carry out regular air conditioning maintenance with professional Singapore air condition services based on your usage to prevent fatal damage to your precious air conditioning! Contact NewCool now and get an immediate response and service from our experienced team!

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