How to Deal with Dirty Air Conditioner Filter in Singapore

Have you experienced sneezing non-stop once you step into indoor spaces equipped with air conditioners in Singapore? It is a kind of air conditioner allergy, possibly because a dirty air conditioner filter is used and no longer works efficiently.
Dirty Air Conditioner Filter
What is an Air Conditioner Filter and Why Does It Matter?
An air conditioner filter is a filter that acts as a barrier that traps contaminants such as dust, dirt, bacteria and mould when the air passes through the mesh. Those contaminants will not be able to draw into the air conditioner unit. As a result, cleaner air is discharged into the indoor spaces together with cool air and contaminants are prevented from circulating indoors in Singapore. From there, better indoor air quality in Singapore is guaranteed.
Symptoms of a Dirty Air Conditioner Filter Need to be Changed
1. The air conditioner unit is too hot
2. Air blown out is not cold
3. Escalating electricity bills
4. Allergic suffer
5. Poor air quality
Why does a dirty air conditioner filter need to be changed frequently?
An air conditioner filter needs to be changed when it is found dirty or built up with dust. When a dirty air conditioner filter is not changed frequently, it fails to operate as efficiently as it used to. The air is no longer being filtered out properly, and this gives chances for dust and contaminants to get into the air conditioner unit. Hence, poor-quality air will flow and circulate indoors in Singapore. Additionally, if there is a build-up of mould in the air conditioner unit, there will be a risk that the spores are brought indoors and exposed to health risks such as allergic reactions and breathing difficulty.
A dirty air conditioner filter will lead the internal parts of the air conditioners, such as motor fans to be at risk, which might be clogged up or covered with dust once dirt gets into the air conditioner unit. Airflows are restricted and the fans have to work harder to pull in the air, which more power will be drawn up to overcome the obstacles. A higher rate of electricity used would eventually cost more money in Singapore. Generally, a well-functioning aircon filter could supposedly save electricity efficiently. More than that, the overwork on pulling in the air might lead the air conditioner units to overheat. Therefore hot air is discharged rather than cooling yet refreshing air in Singapore. It is supported by evidence that a dirty air conditioner filter can be related to the problem of the air conditioner blowing air that is not cold.
Can the air conditioner run without an air conditioner filter?
The answer would be yes, but it is not recommended as it would damage the air conditioner system. An air conditioner that runs without an air conditioner filter is worse than an air conditioner with a dirty air conditioner filter. This is because it at least might still be able to protect against the air conditioner system, even if slightly.
Since there is no more protective layer against contaminants, there would be a significant drop in indoor air quality that is likely to affect health. An air conditioner without the air conditioner filter would allow more dust into the air conditioner units and lead the internal parts to function more difficult than a dirty filter will do, ending up with wear and tears that require repair in Singapore.
Let Aircon Experts Ensure the Job is Done Well
A dirty air conditioner filter can be cleaned and replaced with your effort, but it could be complicated and troublesome if you are unfamiliar with the replacement or cleaning procedures. Getting the right air conditioner filters also requires some knowledge so that your air conditioner is equipped with the right one. Therefore, you might need assistance from aircon experts and NewCool is recommended. NewCool is an aircon servicing, maintenance and repair company with years of experience in the aircon industry in Singapore. If you wish to get your air conditioner cleaned thoroughly, you may consider the chemical overhaul services from NewCool that would make your air conditioner unit function like a new one.
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