Chemical Overhaul

The chemical overhaul is conducted when normal aircon servicing will not suffice due to the age and condition of the aircon. Our experienced team will dismantle each part of the system and carefully inspect, clean, repair or replace depending on the condition of the parts. We will ensure the aircon is thoroughly cleaned to avoid different issues that lead to aircon repair in the future.

Singapore Chemical Overhual Washing Cleaning service

What to expect during chemical overhaul service?

What to expect during chemical overhaul service?

In Singapore, aircon servicing is often engaged to maintain the aircon performance, but most people do not realise the importance of ac chemical overhaul! Unlike normal aircon servicing, ac chemical overhaul is a more thorough cleaning process. During the ac chemical overhaul deep cleaning process, your aircon is not just cleaned by the chemicals. The ac chemical cleaning staff will also check for any abnormalities then fix them. The goal of having an ac chemical overhaul is to clean the dirt or microorganisms in the aircon.

When dirt and bacteria are accumulated inside the air conditioner, it can cause it to break down. A thorough ac chemical overhaul or chemical cleaning is carried out in stages, including dismantling all the components in the aircon, washing them with chemicals and flush with waterjet.

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For more people to enjoy the benefits of chemical overhaul, we’re making aircon chemical overhaul service affordable for everyone in Singapore! During the promotion period, you can book an aircon chemical overhaul service for $80/unit when you book for 2 units or above (U/P: $150/unit) and enjoy the following perks:

  • 30 days warranty
  • Cheap gas top up ($40-80)
  • Free compressor checking
  • $0 transport fee and GST-free
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