Is Keeping the Aircon On at Night Harmful to Our Bodies?

aircon on at night harmful? NewCool
When you live or work in a hot climate in Singapore, air conditioning is a true benefit in the house. Not only can a constant flow of cool air keep you healthy, but it can also keep you comfortable and energetic in general.
While the majority of people in Singapore turn on the air conditioning during the day, when the sun is at its brightest, some people are still unclear about whether to leave the aircon on at night. So, should you keep your aircon on at night while you sleep?

Following are some common explanations for being unwell after leaving the
aircon on at night:
1. You could have a low body temperature
First of all, you can turn on your aircon during the day due to the hot climate in Singapore, but you should not keep your aircon on all night. Your body temperature often lowers naturally when you are sleeping. Because of this, if you leave your aircon on at night, your body temperature may be too low. It is advised to set your air conditioner’s temperature to normal room temperature instead of setting it too low. This is due to the possibility of losing some immune system function when your body temperature is too low.
aircon on at night harmful? NewCool

2. It can make your skin and body dry
Is leaving the aircon on at night bad for our bodies? This is a common question asked by many people in Singapore. If you leave your aircon on at night and throughout the whole day, the answer is unquestionably yes. Typically, air conditioners fill your space with dry, chilly air. Your throat, mouth, skin, and other body parts may get dry due to the cold air. Many health issues, including dry skin, may result from these circumstances. You could also get a sore throat after staying in your room and keeping your aircon on at night at an extremely cold temperature.
aircon on at night harmful? NewCool

3. Your body’s capacity to produce natural hormones is impacted by low temperatures
According to research in Singapore, it is stated that keeping your aircon on at night at low or cold temperatures can affect your body’s capacity to produce hormones. Your body often produces a few hormones naturally while you sleep. These vital hormones are crucial for boosting the body’s immune system naturally. Some of these abilities may be lost if you are sleeping in a very cold environment or keeping your aircon on at night at a very low temperature. As a result, you’ll be susceptible to sickness as soon as you wake up.

Recommendations and Conclusion
What can you do now that you are aware of the consequences of leaving your air conditioning on at night?
aircon on at night harmful? NewCool
First, start by setting your aircon on at night to run for a particular period of time (between 3 and 4 hours), and if possible stick to the fan. Additionally, installing air conditioners with automatic nighttime shutoff is advised in Singapore. For a healthy body and to enhance our body’s functionality, we should sleep at a normal room temperature. With these, you will save money on your monthly electricity costs, and additionally, you’d be able to lower your carbon footprint contribution in Singapore and help the environment as well!


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