What Causes Your Aircon Breaker to Trip?

If the aircon breaker trip, it will use more power than it did previously. An aircon breaker trip can safeguard you from electrical currents that could burn you or harm your air conditioner in Singapore. Since the aircon breaker trip indicates a problem, it is better to avoid resetting the circuit breaker and instead concentrate on fixing your aircon in Singapore.
Aircon Breaker Trip
Causes of Aircon Breaker Trip
1. Motor Issue
An air conditioner’s motor can operate continuously for a long time, which can harm the insulation around the wires and cause power outages. Aircon breaker trip to protect your aircon and your house in Singapore if the motor power is insufficient.
2. Defective capacitor
The capacitor is damaged if your air conditioner won’t turn on before the aircon breaker trip. The capacitor is often in charge of activating the compressor. When the compressor has a problem, it will take a lot of energy and lead to an aircon breaker trip when it is turned on. NewCool, a professional aircon servicing company in Singapore helps you to check and replace your capacitor to avoid defective capacitor.
3. Dirty condenser coil
If you don’t perform regular air conditioning maintenance in Singapore, you’ll notice that your air conditioner stops cooling day after day. The condenser coil might be dusty in this situation. The condenser coil typically aids in releasing heat that may build up outside the house. However, due to poor air conditioning maintenance, the condenser coil may become covered in dirt and dust because it is exposed to the outdoor environment. The disruption of heat transfer can cause your air conditioner to work longer and harder to cool your home. This causes your air conditioner to consume a lot of energy, which causes aircon breaker trip. NewCool helps you to troubleshoot and service your condenser unit to provide you with a cool and comfortable environment in Singapore.
4. Clogged air filter
It will be more challenging to circulate air through the vents if your air filter is dirty. In this situation, your air conditioning unit will have to keep operating longer in order to circulate enough air to meet the temperature you desired. As mentioned above, if your air conditioner circulates cool air poorly, it will consume a lot of electricity which causes the aircon breaker trip. Hence, it is advised that you engage a professional aircon service company in Singapore to repair and clean the filter.
5. Damaged breaker
The aircon breaker may become damaged as a result of the cables connecting it being loose or broken from constant use. Your aircon breaker trips, and as it is overheated, you notice a burning smell coming from it. You should get assistance from a professional air conditioning service company in Singapore if you experience such issues.
To prevent issues that could lead to an aircon breaker trip, it is suggested to do regular maintenance of your air conditioner in Singapore at least once or twice a year. And for that contact NewCool and get service from a trusted professional Singapore air condition services with an experienced team to maintain the cool and comfort that your air conditioner gives!
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