What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning And  Do You Need Aircon Expert to Do It in Singapore?

In Singapore where Aircon is needed almost everyday, it’s crucial to have your air conditioner serviced and maintained on a regular basis to guarantee that it keeps operating efficiently for years. Most of the users are aware that aircon needs regular servicing and maintenance, but have you heard of chemical cleaning?
What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning And Do You Need Aircon Expert to Do It in Singapore?

What is chemical cleaning of an aircon?
Chemical cleaning, also known as chemical wash, is the process of cleaning the important components, such as condenser, evaporator coils and filters, in an air conditioner with chemicals. Aircon will be partially dismantled to clear the built-up and resistant dirt, bacteria, debris, and other particles. Chemical solution will clean the air filters thoroughly, enabling the deliver of clean, fresh and cool air to your home and office.

Why chemical solution is required for aircon cleaning? Is the chemical harmful to the users of the aircon? 

The solution used for aircon chemical cleaning contains a polyol ester lubricant, a pressure additive and an antiwear. This chemical is suitable for all parts of the aircon, and can penetrate all the parts of the aircon for a deep clean. it can also be used for all types of aircons. The last step of chemical cleaning will remove and wash off the chemical solution, hence it is totally safe for the users of the aircon.

Is chemical wash for the aircon necessary?
A short answer is YES! The chemical wash removes all the dust and debris that could be harmful to human body. Sticky dirts and corrosive acids accumulated can be eliminated easily with chemical cleaning. With 1 – 2 chemical cleaning every year, you and your loved ones can enjoy fresh cool air at ease, without worrying about health issues brought by dust.

Benefits of aircon chemical cleaning
The benefits of aircon chemical cleaning are:

  • Aircon function more efficiently and effectively
  • Better air quality
  • Longer life span for aircon unit and its components
  • Cheaper electricity bill
  • Removal of bad odour
  • Lower chance of sudden breakdowns

How often should I chemical clean the aircon in Singapore?
Typically, an aircon should have a chemical clean once or twice a year. Considering the hot weather in Singapore, aircon is usually in heavy use, hence it’s recommended to have it chemical cleaned twice every year.


Is there an alternative to chemical cleaning?
Chemical cleaning or chemical wash is usually done through partial dismantle of the aircon. If time and space allowed, you should consider chemical overhaul, which involves full dismantle of the aircon. By fully dismantling the aircon, every nook and cranny of the aircon can be cleaned thoroughly and every component can be inspected for potential defect.

Do I need an aircon expert for chemical cleaning or chemical overhaul in Singapore?  
Yes, an  aircon expert will be able to carry out chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul professionally. They have the professional tools and solution to ensure the aircon is thorough cleaNed. In addition, their expertise and experience can help to identify any potential issue your aircon is facing. If you’re looking for professional and experienced aircon experts, you should consider NewCool, an aircon servicing, maintenance and repair company with years of experience in the aircon industry. You can trust them with your aircon in office or at home!


In conclusion, aircon chemical cleaning is essential as it brings many benefits to the aircon users.  
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