Should I Use Dry Mode on Aircon in Singapore 

When the temperature is too hot, aircon is a very useful tool in Singapore. On the other hand, when it’s cold outside, all you can do is dress as warmly as you can. However, you are only able to perform a few actions, like taking off your clothes, when the temperature is intolerable. Therefore, having a decent aircon system in Singapore is quite useful since it will retain the cool air inside the home and office, simplifying life. Therefore, using dry mode on aircon in Singapore is the best approach to address the issues above, but most individuals are unaware of how to do so.
Dry Mode on Aircon in Singapore 
Dry Mode on Aircon: What Is It?
People frequently compare and confuse the dry mode on aircon with its cold mode. On the remote control, it is fairly evident that they have completely distinct functions and outcomes. Take a look at your remote control. A water drop represents the dry mode, and a snowflake-like symbol represents the cooling mode. The dry mode on aircon is not a standard function of all air conditioners; instead, some central air conditioning units and window air conditioning units employ it. The primary purpose of dry mode on aircon is to lower the humidity in space. As you may be aware, rising temperatures are correlated with rising humidity. Even if the room is humid and the temperature is low, you still feel uneasy, especially in Singapore.
As a result, the dry mode on aircon lowers the room’s temperature by lowering the humidity. This feature comes in quite handy on humid periods like rainy days in Singapore. Your room may be cool but humid during the rainy seasons. Hence, the dry mode on aircon assists in removing the humidity in your room and gives you a comfortable space in Singapore in which to work or sleep.
Operation of Dry Mode on Aircon
When the dry mode on aircon is on, the fan and other internal parts will run. The aircon won’t produce any cold air during the operation. The aircon circulates the room’s air as the water vapour from the evaporator condenses. The dry air will then be drawn back out of the air conditioner and into the room. This dry mode on aircon functions like a dehumidifier that is available in hardware or home improvement stores in Singapore and is an alternative to the dry mode on aircon. If you work in a spacious room, the dehumidifier performs better than the dry mode on aircon. Small rooms are preferable for using the dry mode on aircon, which can only partially (not entirely) remove moisture.
If the thermostat is set to 25°C and the humidity in the space is roughly 90%, the dry mode on aircon will help to dehumidify the space until the temperature reaches 25°C. The fan begins to run and draw in air when the dry mode on aircon is on. The compressor kicks on, and the humidity is condensed. The compressor and fan will stop when the ambient temperature reaches 25°C. Then, the aircon unit will automatically start to run once again when the humidity level and temperature both increase to 26°C, and the cycle will repeat.
Dry Mode on Aircon vs. Cool Mode on Aircon
Both the dry mode on aircon and the cool mode on aircon operate on a similar principle. As previously mentioned, the compressor and fan shut off when the temperature dropped to 25°C when using the dry mode on aircon, maintaining a 60% relative humidity. However, relative humidity continues to rise while the aircon is in cold mode, as fans continue to operate.
Benefits of Using Dry Mode on Aircon in Singapore:
  • Keep the temperature at a suitable level without cooling
  • Significantly lower the humidity in the space
  • Use less energy
The dry mode on aircon assists in removing extra moisture rather than really cooling down your room or workplace. You’ll pay less for your Singapore electricity bill when your dry mode aircon is on. The easiest way to keep your room at a reasonable temperature is with the dry mode on aircon on. Contact us NOW to know more about dry mode on aircon, and for aircon service from a professional and reliable Singapore air conditioning servicer! NewCool has experienced professionals to service and keep your home cool and comfortable in Singapore!

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