One-Time Aircon Service vs. Annual Aircon Service Contract

One-Time Aircon Service vs. Annual Aircon Service Contract NewCool
A thorough service is advised by air conditioning professionals in Singapore at least once every 12 months. For an air conditioner to operate successfully and efficiently over the course of its useful life, frequent maintenance and aircon services are required for the unit’s filters, coils, and fins. When proper air conditioning servicing and maintenance are neglected, the performance of the air conditioner will gradually decline while energy consumption will gradually rise! Therefore, let’s compare the advantages of a one-time aircon service and an annual aircon service contract to determine which servicing strategy is best for your unit.
One-Time Aircon Service vs. Annual Aircon Service Contract NewCool
One-Time Aircon Service
One-time aircon service means calling the closest aircon service providers in Singapore if there is an issue with your air conditioner. A technician will come out to troubleshoot, repair, or service your air conditioner, where most common air conditioner issues could be water leakage, bad smell, not cooling, weird noises and etc.
NewCool offers one of the best aircon service and price for chemical overhaul in Singapore! One of the best air conditioner cleaning services in Singapore is aircon chemical overhaul since it always keeps your home and office cool by thoroughly and properly cleaning the air conditioner. An excellent approach to keep an air conditioner operating at peak performance or to return an air conditioner to its original state is to use an aircon deep cleaning service, such as an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore. In order to remove stubborn dirt from your air conditioner, our professional aircon chemical overhaul cleaning technician will disassemble your aircon unit and provide aircon service at a reasonable price. We offer a 30-day warranty, free gas top up, free compressor checking, free transport fee, and no added GST. Grab our aircon chemical overhaul service promotion now before it ends!
One-Time Aircon Service vs. Annual Aircon Service Contract NewCool

Aircon Service Contract
Everyday use of the air conditioner necessitates proper maintenance. Aircon servicing and cleaning in Singapore are advised to be done every two to three months to guarantee optimum indoor air quality in your homes and offices. We frequently overlook our aircon service because we are too busy taking care of our families and jobs to remember the date for the last aircon service. Hence, if we have a quarterly or annual aircon service contract, the air conditioning companies in Singapore will assist us in keeping track of the air conditioning service dates and do regular aircon service and checkups on your unit. It is hassle-free for households with working people.

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No matter if you decide to go with a one-time aircon or an annual aircon service contract in Singapore, when it comes to aircon problems, we are the ultimate experts! No matter how serious the issue is, we are always ready to help you solve your aircon’s problems with professionalized techniques. Contact us NOW and our highly qualified technicians will provide excellent service at a reasonable price in Singapore as we are here to change and enhance your regular aircon servicing experience!

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