Ice Formation Causes Aircon Leakage

There could be a number of issues with your aircon. Ice formation in aircon is a common issue that affects practically every unit in Singapore. When there is ice formation in aircon, you might see leakages from your aircon, and its performance will likely diminish. The following factors help explain why ice formation in aircon causes aircon leakage and ways to fix your aircon in Singapore.
1. Dirty air filter
Ice Formation in Aircon
The first cause of ice formation in aircon is a dirty air filter. This issue could arise if your aircon is exposed to a lot of dust. The performance of your air conditioner could be affected by this unclean air filter, which could also lead to ice formation. Therefore, it is advised by the experts in air conditioning in Singapore to clean the air filter frequently, at least once every two weeks. NewCool is a professional aircon servicing company in Singapore that can assist you to remove dirt from your aircon filter with professional services like chemical overhaul.
2. Clogged cooling coil bay
Your aircon performance depends greatly on the cooling coils. The condenser coil converts the gas into a liquid and releases heat into the surroundings in Singapore while the evaporation coil absorbs heat from the surrounding air. The cooling coil will result in ice formation in aircon as a result of the low temperature it generates if heat transmission is insufficient. The air conditioning cooling coil cannot operate efficiently at low temperatures. Hence, you may call a professional Singapore aircon company for aircon services and troubleshoot.

3. Insufficient refrigerant
Another common cause of ice formation in aircon is insufficient refrigerant. If the air conditioner doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it will freeze and leak gas. To ensure that your air conditioner has the correct refrigerant level, air conditioning professionals in Singapore advise checking the level once a month. NewCool’s team of professionals will inspect your air conditioner anywhere in Singapore to reveal any areas where gas could have started leaking to prevent ice formation in aircon.
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