Experience Blocked Nose In Aircon Room? It might be Aircon Allergy.

Have you ever observed that when you step outside on a chilly, dry day, your nose quickly starts to run or block? Unbelievably, entering a chilly, dry environment can result in the same situation. It seems that these days, doctors believe that one of the culprits behind blocked nose, clogged-up sinuses, sinus pressure, and the complementary headaches might indeed be our old trusty friend in Singapore, the air-conditioner.
What Is an Air Conditioner Allergy?
Experience Blocked Nose In Aircon Room? It might be Aircon Allergy.
If you become unwell when you switch on your air conditioner and feel better after you leave, you might think that you’re allergic to it. However, the truth is: there are irritants trapped in the air conditioner. When the aircon is switched on and operating, the allergens and irritants trapped will circulate in that indoor space like home and offices. In addition, dust mites and mold in air conditioners can exacerbate or worsen allergic symptoms.
In short, blocked or runny nose and other allergic reactions are caused by these airborne irritants, dust and other microorganisms trapped in aircon. It’s good news that you can improve this so-called “air conditioner allergy” and that they are not a permanent condition.

Main Causes of Air Conditioner Allergy
These are some of the main causes why aircon makes you feel uncomfortable:

  1. Mold
  2. Dust mites
  3. Pet dander
  4. Pollen
  5. Virus
  6. Bacteria
These particles and microorganisms are often trapped and accumulated in aircon air filters.

How to Prevent Air Conditioner Allergy

Now that we’ve learned what are the root causes of aircon allergy, we can prevent it by eliminating these causes. To avoid accumulation of these harmful particles, regular cleaning is very important. Depending on the aircon brand and model, there are various ways to remove and clean the aircon filters. You may find aircon filter cleaning tutorials on YouTube and Google, and even purchase DIY aircon cleaning tool online. However, these tools are only effective for basic cleaning.

There are many microorganisms that cannot be seen with naked eyes and are trapped in different parts of aircon. It’s recommended to engage professional aircon cleaning technicians to perform aircon deep cleaning and regular maintenance. They will clean the aircon ducts, outdoor unit, indoor air handler, replace dirty filters, and much more to remove any chance of air conditioner allergy. Not only this, but routine aircon maintenance also increases the life of your aircon.

Is There Another Way to Prevent ‘Allergy’ besides Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning?

An aircon deep cleaning service such as an aircon chemical overhaul is the best way to remove the accumulation of bacteria, virus and other allergens. If you don’t engage an aircon chemical overhaul to deep-clean your aircon every three months, your aircon will serve as a breeding ground for germs, fungi, and dust mites which could be the source of health problems. Your aircon will start to blow tiny virus-laden droplets into the air instead of cold air. Besides blocked nose, harmful particles in your aircon may cause skin diseases and respiratory tract problems.
Aircon deep cleaning such as chemical overhaul also keeps an aircon running at optimum efficiency or to restore an aircon to its original condition in Singapore. During chemical overhaul, professional aircon cleaning technician will fully dismantle your aircon unit and use chemical solution to clean all the parts and corners of your aircon. It is one of the most effective aircon cleaning methods for removing stubborn dirt from your aircon at an affordable rate.
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In conclusion, regular aircon cleaning by professionals is one of essential things that should be done to enhance the air quality in your home or office. Aircon cleaning such as chemical overhaul helps to get rid of the source of these aircon allergy symptoms if you’re worried that your air conditioner is causing blocked nose, a runny nose, or other allergic reactions.

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